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  1. Lol. Whoops, my bad for spoilers. Didn't think about that seeing as I don't mind someone spoiling the story for me. Buuuut, the problem has been edited to say, "watch out for spoilers of The Last of Us & Neptunia. I figured everyone with a PS3 had already finished TLoU by now anyway…

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    2. REDSHIRT64


      Got it on release day and have yet to open it. Waiting for all the trophy bugs to be taken care of and playing other games as well

    3. Piggie_Pie


      haven't even played TLoU other than the early demo

    4. Marisa Kirisame

      Marisa Kirisame

      It wasn't that major of a spoiler for TLOU anyway

  2. Okay. Just posted a brand new Topic. If you feel like you have a lot to say, go check it out. If you're all anti-social & don't like sharing your opinion, then don't go in there. I hope you all enjoy. =D

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    2. drummerklg


      Your best topic so far, but people will be very pissed off of the spoilers..

    3. sonicace101


      That's what made it good :P

      Poor Nepgear :`(

    4. LinYoshiBelle


      Lol! Oops @Drummer

      Deffy didn't think about that. Hahaha.

  3. Lol. Whoops, watch out for The Last of Us & Neptunia spoilers. Hahaha. My bad. Okay, this Topic is more of a Questionnaire type thing.As we know this community isn't just full of "Trophy Hunters" & "Trophy Whores." The central idea of this topic is to answer the questions to see & share what you like/don't (like) about certain games. Not only that, but it's fun to see what other people think. It's pretty much a series of favorites & least favorites. Enjoy. =D Prompt: Answer and give a reason. (I hate lazy answers). 1.) Favorite video game Ending/Scene. * Friendship, Love (Atelier Meruru: ~The Apprentice of Arland~ - I deffy have a few favorite scenes in VGs but this is my fav. I think its super when Mimi make a pendant for Totori from the Rainbow Fragment and she's super nervous about sharing her feelings towards her. Come to find out, Totori feels the same way. 2.) Least Favorite Video Game Character * Master Chief (Halo) - I serious do not like Master Chief. I feel that he is just too bland of a character. "He kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything!" -Internet Meme "Hey, guy. I have absolutely no personality and all I do is kill aliens and shit. I'm a good game, right?!" -Master Chief 3.) Favorite Collectible Item (I.E. Coins, Rings, Precursor Orbs, etcetera) * Wumpa Fruit (Crash Bandicoot) - Deffy gotta go with the wumps. I love the sound effect they make. "Shloop, shloop, shloop!" Hahaha, wonder what the taste like... hmmm... 4.) Favorite Outfit/Attire * Sweater Skirt/ Hoodie Jersey (Hyperdimension Neptunia) - I love Nep's clothes, especially in the first game. They're not overdone and look realllly comfortable. I wonder how much it costs. 5.) Most Attractive Character (Male or Female) * Raiden (MetalGear Rising: Revengeance) - As bad as I wanted to say Claire Farron from Final Fantasy; Raiden is just like =O Oh damn, dem heels. Lol. 6.) Favorite "Kill" Scene 7.) Least Favorite Scene * Conquest Ending: The Blood of Many... (Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2) - There is only one for me. This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen in my life. Literally pissed me off for days and caused me severe insomnia. I'm not exaggerating... It's in my Trophy Cabinet as the worst Trophy I've ever gotten. 8.) Favorite Iconic Line * "Kitty got wet!" -Nathan Drake * "Autobots, Transform & Roll Out!!" -Optimus Prime - Awww, poor kitty. That'd be funny if he said that to Chloe after she fell in water. Try to image the look on her face as if she has finally had enough of Drake's sarcasm. Lol. Priceless. As for the latter of the two, I've always loved Peter Cullen's voice of Optimus Prime. Also Neptune uses the quote in HDN. That's sooo plus. =D Okayyy, as for the last question. Just make one up for the person below you. As many as you want. I mean don't do like 1,000 cause they won't answer them all or it would take forever to do so. Anyways, my question to the next user is... 9.) What's your favorite boss fight? * Talbot (Uncharted 3) - This is the first encounter after the long chase scene. I like this one because of all the "interactive gameplay" elements. Its not just mashing buttons or doing a repetitive action until the opponent loses. I chased his as all over the city, through buildings & crowds, got shot at, & got hit by a car. =[
  4. Okayyy. Here it comes.

  5. Just bought Tomb Raider & Atelier Totori today. :D It's gonna be weird playing these to seeing as I've already played The Last of Us & Atelier Meruru.

    1. MidnightRadiance


      Totori is a pretty fun game to play and isn't that long if you set up all the flags correctly

    2. drummerklg


      Good luck with that tomb raider platinum, it will test how long you can go before being bored..

  6. Goodnight. I'm toooo tired to do stuff. XP

  7. I've got my idea for my next Topic. This one will be pretty fun & full of diverse answers. I'll post it in about an hour. :D

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    2. Joshua-Takara
    3. mattie_medusa



    4. SuperiorNova


      Awesome! But 343 industries completely remastered Halo 1.

  8. I, Linyoshi A. Belle, approve this Topic. As for the question… My partner would be Ellen Page & lets not speak of the "weapon." Nahhh, really like without being funny & the answer of this question also determines my survival. I'd seriously pick some super-strong person like Gogeta or Master Chief who don't die - no matter what. They can sense power-levels & live to make 20 instalments to their franchise. Maybe… Nevermind. I choose Ellen Page. Call the game The Last of Us cause we will be the last two alive. :[
  9. Awww, crap. Joshi, I don't think we can beat Iffy!!!

  10. Oh snap. I should post a new Topic soon. :D

    1. Noire_Symphony


      Oh? That should be interesting.

    2. Joshua-Takara


      I can't wait to see it

  11. Gonna finish Tomb Raider: Underworld tonight.

    1. Marisa Kirisame
    2. Noire_Symphony


      Underworld was fun but Legend is my favorite.

      Good luck and have fun.

    3. LinYoshiBelle


      Legend is my fav too.

  12. "Cells mutate & divide - what a sadistic intention!" -Architects (Alpha Omega)

  13. LinJoshi - 3,585points.

    1. Noire_Symphony


      Very nice start.

    2. Dead Weight

      Dead Weight

      what do these points represent?

    3. LinYoshiBelle


      Trophies & stuff. :D

  14. 1P 2G 4S 1B - Team LinJoshi!

    1. Marisa Kirisame

      Marisa Kirisame

      Ooooh your starting to catch up xD

    2. Joshua-Takara


      0P 0G 9S 17B - LinJoshi #2

    3. Platinum_Berlitz


      Our team: 2P 4G 8S 21B