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  1. Im looking to do this so add me if you need it
  2. Killzone HD Platinum (horrible grind) and i got nom nom nom in plants vs zombies
  3. Ghostbusters as i could never connect to anyone online, Max Payne 3 as that is just an absolute joke, Fifa 09 because its impossible now and i wasnt too fussed at the time, SF4 because you need to be a pro, & wipeout for the same reason. Everything else that i dont have plat on is because the game sucked. For PSN games then i can only think of High Velocity Bowling as it had a stupid trophy that became almost impossible if you didnt get it straight away
  4. Will be epic fun! However it will have to wait as fifa is the obvious priority
  5. Someone on my friends list hacked it and are still on the leaderboard. People can change the timestamps so it would be hard to tell, however anyone with the plat knows it takes longer than a few weeks
  6. Best Red Dead Worst EDF Insect Armageddon
  7. No chance is it correct. Too many people have plat in 4 hours or a couple of days. It takes 300 hours to plat so your talking a few weeks if you never stopped playing it. Just those with the plat in 2 minutes have been wiped off the leaderbords. I reckon about 50 people have it legit
  8. Iv re-started playing this again. Im very close to reaching rank 8 on my 2nd class. No idea how many hours iv put in so far, but its an awesome game. Shame its been hacked to fuck though as it would be interesting to see how many people actually got the plat legit
  9. I just got passed the wheel!!! Only to all down the gap and land on the electricity!!!!!!!!!!! I must be on over 100 attempts. It pisses me off as its just luck based
  10. Please play my level and heart etc.. Leave a comment and ill return the favour
  11. Nice one! Thanks