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  1. Same here. I actually find it very easy to make the Battle Bucks. Even if you lose a lot in King Of The Battlegrounds you still get quite a large amount of Battle Bucks either way. They gave players a lot of ways to make the Battle Bucks to the point where if i actually did want to unlock everything I certainly could without having to use any irl money.
  2. This happened to me after I was in the number one spot in King Of the Battlegrounds, I ended up losing after I was in the final three and eliminated one of the players. The person who was still in the ring punched me 3 times and I just glitched out of the ring. 2K needs to get there shit together man. Once I get my trophies I am done with this game. The glitching through the ropes is what always happens to me, I completely understand you there, this keeps on happening while I'm trying to get the 30 Man Royal Rumble Trophy and it sucks!
  3. I wouldn't say it's the worst game ever, but it's definitely not anything to write home about. I'm with you with just getting the 100% and then booting it aside.
  4. At the start you should really just focus on knocking down your opponent and quickly grabbing cash. Usually you're opponent will be able to grab you while you are climbing the Steel Cage to escape or to grab crash. It's fairly easy to get them off you by rapidly pressing R2 and L2. And if you are doing the normal Steel Cage match just do what you would do in a One on One Match except instead of pinning you are just escaping.
  5. Been playing this game for a few days and can't seem to parry to save my life. It's awful in One on One Matches and just straight up embarrassing in King Of The Battlegrounds, if anyone has any tips or ways to get better at this please drop a comment.