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  1. People seem to think this is only about Call of Duty, and those same people seem to forget it's not the only game that comes from Activision that has been multi-platform for as long as we can all remember, so some of your favourite game series possibly no longer being on your primary gaming console is a real kick in the teeth. It's not right at all that one company, who are incompetent at making their own first party games somewhat decent, can just buy up the market and some people will just say I don't care about this deal. It is a massive deal because if Microsoft succeeds here that can be very bad for the industry as the main talking point would be just throw money at it, and you will succeed not to mention like I have said already you might not care about these games that could get taken away but just you wait till they gobble up another deal and take the games you're interested in and make those exclusive then you will remember this deal and maybe give your head a wobble and realize Bethesda was the starting point and this is the next big deal if it passes dark times ahead. I don't see us getting another Doom or Wolfenstein etc and those are 2 franchises that for me are very good, and it's disappointing that they were multi-platform but now most likely we won't see another on PlayStation.
  2. Just wondering if it's better than the first one. I'm waiting for a sale as I'm not paying £11.99 for it and I see a few people have got all the trophies so looks like no glitches.
  3. Interesting, wonder what else they could remove that is hardly used by anybody. Features like that I'm sure as of last year if not sooner were barely used.
  4. So the usual standard yearly update wish we could see PS5 trophy lists on this legacy system. Come to think of it didn't the PS3 have menu issues under certain resolutions in 4.89 wonder if they got fixed in this update.
  5. This look becomes worse and worse every time Microsoft employees open their mouth, they just keep putting their foot in it with stupid statements, and it really does reek of desperation. Nintendo signing may have something to do with games on the Switch online service like Goldeneye 007 and Banjo Kazooie etc, and I'm sure they have had a good relationship with Microsoft, so it does not surprise me they are for it. It really looks like they are just begging for this deal to cross the line and having the contract for Sony at this press conference that is pathetic on their part it looks stupid, and I hope this makes the regulators think even more about throwing this deal out because it looks petty and desperate on Microsoft's side. They need to control their employees, lol.
  6. At this point, when the thing is working perfectly fine, just idle your console when you sleep and get the hours played up on the games that are not tracking because of this shitty bug it's almost like we have to do everything ourselves because I hate seeing stupid shit like 1 hour played it looks so dumb lol.
  7. I knew it to be too good to be true, I will try and load it up tomorrow to see if I get anything.
  8. I got the email invite a few days ago, is it worth updating, I might just forget about it as I really want the simple stuff like FOLDERS surely it cannot be that hard.
  9. No game should ever have these stupid features that do not get supported long enough, and EA might just be the kings at this but yeah enough time was not given here, but I think most people have give up with this ever getting whitelisted, and I cannot see it ever get the green light as the site owner is the only one that could do it if it was agreed, and I'm pretty sure he is not around much these days.
  10. Interesting, I was really interested in this and was annoyed when I saw it was offline, but we need a proper confirmation.
  11. So this is confirmed back up nice was not expecting it so might get it done now as it was on my to-do list.
  12. Nice one, it's on my to-do list for sure.
  13. Good to know that is not an issue for me as my household has 3 PS5 consoles as we're all gamers and with the stick drift issues I have enough controllers but in general it's a shitty practice that 4 are needed for a trophy really dumb.
  14. Might give this a go as I was emailed a code for the beta. I miss the PS Communities sometimes you could get a gaming session pretty fast and not have to wait till the gaming sessions filled up it was a useful tool, but I'm sure Discord will be awesome.
  15. This is the problem with big name licences if you really want to play them you have to buy them early, so you don't lose out, it sucks, but that's the main reason things get delisted for. Games should be preserved along with everything else, it's really shit that so many download only games are gone forever unless you own them.