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  1. I tried everything and at the moment nothing works. I've got the same issues on both versions, EU and NA. I noticed that the game don't registry the best times. Always is showing 00:00:00
  2. First of all I played hard and huge and got "Grand Master", "Giantic" and "Rocky Mode", then I went to normal size and normal difficulty, I got both trophies. But when I played in easy and small I only got the easy trophy. I deleted the save and started a new game and got "Tiny Size", but I beat the game in 4 seconds and the trophy "Hurry up: Finish the game under 10 second" don't popped. Play with 5 and 10 diferent themes and win 3 in a row also don't popped.
  3. Another one annoyed here. "Clear Saleron's Sky Garden" trophy popped correctly and them... nothing. Neither level 60 nor "Clear Labyrinth of Terror" 😢
  4. I don't know. But forget all. I'm only trying to avoid a mistake. Good night.
  5. In post #6 a gamer called ruzzy7 said he did it. Perhaps you can check his/her trophy list.
  6. Maybe you can check this post: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/ninja-gaiden-sigma-2-a/32028-ninja-cinema-trophy-glitch.html I only has do a quick search on google with "ninja gaiden sigma 2 cinema glitch trophies" to find information about that quickly. I only read the first page but I read that can be obtained all the 1000 kills trophy including the girls trophies. I'm sure if I, or you, spend a few minutes more I can find more information.
  7. Es una pena.
  8. Certainly I don't spent 1000 hours testing glitchs. I expend 6 months playing every day Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 until obtain my plat legit. Once I got'em my plat I passed to other game. Thats all my experience with the game. But I firmly think that your conspiracy theory is a bad joke without any sense. I hope the moderatos can watch the true. Kind regards.
  9. Really? Can you think this explanation have some kind of sense? First of all @DEGETE isn't a guy. I don't know your age but I'm pretty sure he can be your father or maybe grandfather. I've know DEGETE since 2011 or so and never was a trophies' crazy fan. I can put my hand on the fire for him in this dispute because I remember talk about this videos several years ago when I was thinking about attack this platinum. Him and another friend started the game using the gitch but soon leave the game because the high dificulty. I can't do anything more because other explanation haven't any sense. Use a modded save with invincibility and leave the game without finish? Have it any sense? 🤔 Kind regards ☺️
  10. I think this answer from another similar dispute is the correct answer: I think that with this game, a game without trophies at the begining, it can to provoque two kinds of trophies achievers: some who had the requirements before the patch who add the trophies and got the trophies playing online at any time after the "official" date, and players who used a savedata to achieve the trophy. Honestly, I don't see how we can distinguish between them. Punishing all players is an unfair measure that makes the righteous pay for sinners.
  11. In Inversion if you play with someone who has finished the game, like me, you can play coop only the last check point of every chapter and obtain the trophies. In fact wasixu and carlosbp played with me last check point of every chapter in hard dificult and obtained all chapter trophis, dificult trophies and coop trophy. Just check it one trophy guide to corroborate this point. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/inversion/trophy/48678-Rock-Hard.html Wasixu, carlosbp and other four guys are in my boosting team for inversion and all the trophies are been obtained legaly. Why the hell someone want to hack a few trophies that can be obtained legit in 6-8 hours and them expend 2 or 3 months boosting online?
  12. Got the trophy. Thanks a lot. P.S.: Played ArchChimaira and Bagoesyasha's levels and removed my own level.
  13. Here is my level : https://vita.lbp.me/v/q56vq Allready played all the levels in this list: https://vita.lbp.me/t/x0e P4P, please and thanks