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  1. Let me know what you think about your teams first games of the season, Which fixtures look tasty. Just general discussion.
  2. Well you have bound to have seen me somewhere on other sites under those other alias. Well, I'm 20, From ipswich. Don't really know what to say really apart from ... WOOOO Member #4 Yeah Baby.
  3. At the end of the day we own copyright to it as it is our intellectual property. And on my guides I have said I allow them to use it... now if I asked them to take it down they would have to right as I wouldn't be granting the use of it nomore?
  4. To report and maybe get rid of spam that is already occurring within the forums.
  5. I like this site
  6. Good lad.. Fuck Swansea Too.. FA Should just kick them out for being Welsh. My team are away at Morecambe on first game then a tough away trip to fratton park for Carling Cup Round 1.
  7. I believe not Sly, All I see is a Multi-Quote and Quote. Oh right, at least you know what I was referring to.
  8. Welcome.. Parker where's my nudes you said you were gonna send
  9. The Media Room - The Green Room? Graphics - The Studio? Just my input.
  10. Okiies, Green Room covered music but wasn't sure about tv maybe.
  11. and made cod vids
  12. Sublime - Santeria (Y)
  13. So basically like .com Can transfer mine across from .com (BF1943, both Waw Cod Packs)
  14. Could we not transfer our own stuffs too?
  15. *stops dry humping Nicki Minaj poster* Oh Hai! Scotty.. Great season last year! Welcome
  16. TMI!!! OP... EEEN? Explain how this came about.
  17. Lulz. Connie <3's me so it's cool.
  18. As we've just seen at E3 the PS Vita will host trophy support which I believe will connect to your PSN Account... Obviously it won't be need straight away but preparation for it as it may bring more people from Google searches.
  19. Im 4' 9"
  20. Edited, Thanks for tip..
  21. Are you a replica to "American Pie"? Cause if not.. I best take my two fingers out now..
  22. :Bronze Trophy: Biggest Intro... AKA Cba to read but welcome.
  23. *Naugies Naugie* Welcome son