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  1. Figured I would offer a quick tip for earning 10million quicker :). 1. Play the GT1 championship on hard. you could do it on medium or easy for lower amount if you chose. 2. Use any car you like that you can win gt1 with 3. Win all the races from 1 - 9 4. Win the last race, press O at the end to "play again" 5. This will get you $27,000 for the win + $135,000 for the series win. 6. Keep playing again till trophy pops If you hit continue you'll have to repeat the entire process again. Also if you hit play again and quit mid-race it'll send you back to the first race next time you try and enter the championship. you'll get $162,000 every 5-6minutes
  2. going to drop out of the event, thanks for letting me join I had lots of fun
  3. If you mean the ps 1 version yes you can still get it. But if its the one for ps4 with trophies its digital only
  4. super street fighter 4-trial athlete clear all trials, It was a fun challenging trophy ultimate marvel vs capcom 3:master of tasks pretty much the same thing above
  5. you're welcome I updated suggestions again for more choices
  6. you could try to finish up injustice but if we are allowed to pick outside your list then I would go with super street fighter 4 it's very special other choices to consider: catherine, gta5, mirrors edge, demon souls
  7. I gave that method a fair shot I stole 36 cars 8 of which were red circles let them chase me for awhile but no bounty. I tried this after lester mission. Going to skip this game the grind to a 100 seems way to boring >.<
  8. quantum theory it kind of gave me gears of war vibes for some reason 3d dot game heroes drakengard 3 mirror's edge red faction guerrilla
  9. CoD for sure and most sports games being released these days
  10. I don't think it would work but I could try it on a dummy account if no one else can prove or disprove method
  11. curious if getting this trophy is still flaggable, I've been thinking about starting the game and hiding it if its still not ok . how is the online does the hacked lobbies auto pop all trophies?
  12. I stat with 2 games for now till I get my current list caught up
  13. Hello everyone was curious if anyone else is running to this problem I already contacted sony about it I wont hear anything for awhile but was curious if anyone else has a work around it.. I've been trying to create a dummy account to self boost but anyways anytime I make a new account I either run into an issue where it says change password which I end up doing but when I add it to ps3,ps4,ps5 or vita it gets instant banned. my main account is perfectly fine I looked around and it seems like a few people are having the same issue on reddit o.o Has anyone else ran into this issue or bug? just another thread showing that people are getting banned to
  14. mag borderlands the last of us that's my list
  15. didn't think they would accept my house as an address. Yea you're probably right nerve but making new users jump through hoops probably isn't the best way to go about it
  16. Completely agree with you there sucks when it freezes or you run into glitches that ruin your run :/ hopefully you'll finish it next try so you don't have to deal with it
  17. I used a real address and all the stuff. the other strange thing I was able to create an account and add it onto the ps3 but when I put it on the ps4 it got insta banned @DaivRules @Cleggworth thanks for the heads up guess I'll just wait it out till they fix it, that sucks it happened to your nephew :/
  18. nhl 15: champions-win stanley cup in gm connected this was the last online trophy I needed not very difficult just takes sometime think it took 3hours of simulating matches
  19. If they did let you delete trophies I would keep everything the same unless I ended up with a hacked plat then I would like the option to delete it
  20. super stardust hd Pretty much you're in a spaceship shooting asteroids and such. Its a very quick game only 5 planets its a very fun game at least. The hardest trophy for me was extra ships optional- survive 7minutes without dying. Just lots of stuff on the screen at certain points making this trophy difficult. I highly recommend giving this game a try
  21. Off The Boat You have completed the first mission. gta 4 earned 25th september 2009
  22. i have more games I missed out on, lost planet 2 #1 on leaderboard is impossible now apparently but I doubt I could have gotten it anyways blur think there's a trophy you cant earn anymore ufc 2010 servers are down nhl 10-14 servers down mortal kombat vs dc universe warhawk tom clancy's endwar midnight club la servers down really wish a new midnight club would release >.< avatar servers down I got the game a couple years ago didn't realize it had online trophies. fight night champion online gym trophies are impossible now
  23. yea you might be right suppose I could give it a try
  24. going to use swap street fighter x tekken>nhl 15 0.20%
  25. misread that it that's unusual for that many levels but yea it looks like bug :/