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  1. Assassin's Creed III Hard to find a game to recommend, but I feel this one was still enjoyable, outside of the bugs Oh and for someone recommending for me, currently working on Lost Sphear, and FFX I am saving so its platinum becomes my 15.000th trophy, so would wanna get another game as recommended
  2. Doom, definitely, I could never get into the Nightmare difficulty so I just left it unplatinumed
  3. Watch_Dogs2, been curious about the game for a while and wondering about getting it
  4. Frankly, the 4 20 challenge started out as just a youtube thing, since the dev initially thought it wasn't possible... This being a trophy now doubly ensures I'll never get them on PS4
  5. Also, isn't 4 20 mode more than just memorization? I thought it was about pattern recognition, consistency and adaptability on the fly, while at the same time being a huge dump of luck in the end?
  6. Might have solved it, looks like I might have been missing a recipe. From what I can tell, the DLC doesn't teach the character recipes of Flynn or Patty, which are a total of 4. So anyone else who might be in the same problem, look that you have those four. I'm gonna see if I can learn the final one and if that changes anything
  7. Can't seem to find any conclusive information anywhere on this, but I got the free DLC that awards all the recipes, I've even mastered them all, and the only one missing now is Mabo Curry, the one you get from the Master Chef together with the invitation to the cooking battles. Well, I've beaten the game, double and triple checked lists to make sure I really do have all other recipes, and he just won't appear. I am guessing this can be solved by "earning" all recipes legit, and while I've found all the chef locations, getting all the character recipes to trigger doesn't seem to be possible so... Anyone know what could be the problem? Should I just master all the recipes that give character recipes and hope that gives the trigger for the Mabo Curry event?
  8. The Witcher 3, sure it takes some time but definitely an enjoyable trophy hunt in the end
  9. And while I am at it (and yes, this whole topic was actually because of a mistake I made) make sure you are certain what shigabanes you are missing that are marked ???. I have gone through all day today and yesterday, thinking I had gotten one bugged
  10. Going for each characters sin-relate shigabane helps, since it lowers costs, but when specifically hunting shigabanes it tends to be best to just use the revive without shigabanes. Also, lower difficulties also lowers the cost of extending.
  11. Gone through the whole game, even rushed it through on NG+ because of a mistake I made, and have found some tips for shigabane hunting: 1: if you are gonna go for the platinum in the game, start the hunt as early as you can. Especially against bosses, at the very least. Do all the boss shigabanes at the first encounter with them. Yes, they do respawn eventually at different places, but it's not worth the pain trying to hunt them down for a meager chance, sometimes taking several days in-game to make them appear. 2: Connected to the first, but do make sure you also go for all the different attacks and status ailments tied to the bosses specifically. This is where the actual time resides, acquiring all the attacks from all the bosses takes forever and some attacks are close to the only way to get certain status ailments on your characters.
  12. God of War (2018) I have earned the platinum on my brother in laws account, gonna go for it on my own someday
  13. Beyond: Two Souls Could never stomach the story in the original PS3 version, the story events being out of order really ruined it for me
  14. My problem was when the boss throws you away after having attacked it enough during one "cycle", it kept throwing me into either spikes or the "laser tower" and damage me with me having no way to avoid it, therefor unavoidable damage
  15. Started this today, thought it was fun till the first boss of it. Just... way too many times the boss throws me into unavoidable damage