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  1. Nah, I've given up on getting this trophy, the frustration just isn't worth it. I did return to the game eventually to clean up the trophies, so now this trophy is the only thing I have left unearned for the game, but just don't have any motivation to even try. I got the game to play a pleasant farming sim, but in the end, it definitely ended up being inferior in most ways to Graveyard Keeper which I played before it. Congrats to anyone who managed to get this hellish trophy though, it's definitely a feat worth bragging about, I still think it has no place in the game but that doesn't mean I have anything against you who have gotten the trophy, you stay awesome
  2. Dunno what causes it, or how it happens, but you can run out of keys in the second dungeon, forcing you to restart the whole game to continue, happened to me just not
  3. Working on this game right now, and Storied Adventurer is definitely one of those kinds of trophies that's just tedious for the sake of being tedious, there's nothing fun, interesting or challenging about it, it's pure RNG and essentially nothing else, which to me definitely explain the low percentage earned that particular trophy has
  4. The sequel is... less and more of that, to be honest. It's a bit more streamlined at times and if you're prepared to take notes than things can go well, but at the same time some of the puzzles were so asinine I just had to use a guide
  5. No thanks, I'm not that masochistic
  6. Would seem so, my list is on the EU server
  7. I am. No subweapons against the main bosses is already enough of a pain of a challenge mode to do on hard
  8. Not killing enemies kinda would be impossible
  9. Just beat it... There are some patterns to it and you can manage it, but I think the combination of a bad third phase and a super long final phase does kinda ruin it a bit
  10. I did, and it answered by dropping a huge... disc I guess on me, crushing my hopes and dreams
  11. So, at the final boss during my initial run, doing hard mode no subweapons on bosses, and... I just can't say I've had fun against the bosses. The rest of the game has had its grievances, for sure, some of the enemy design is just beyond stupid. But it's the bosses that tends to be the most rewarding aspects of these kinds of games, the first one did that pretty okay (though it did have similar problems). In this game however, either you break the boss by using the weapon fairy (doesn't work for all bosses, granted, sadly not for the final boss) or you have one hell of a time trying to learn the fight, let alone beat it. Some bosses in particular have me scratching my head thinking how to even do "legit" without the fairy (like Anu and Hel) but yeah, for anyone struggling, if you can get the weapon fairy, use it for every boss, it helps. Some fights it even handles on its own. So, now to the final boss... It's just a mess. Several phases of poorly telegraphed attacks with RNG that often will ensure you get hit, and the boss does way too much damage for this to be a feasible war of attrition. Phase 3 in particular essentially forces me to take 100-200 damage minimum, and that's with the cheese fairy strat I've found. The final phase then, the actual fight, I have too little health to properly fight and learn all patterns... All in all, I am unsure when I'll beat it, but I'm not sure I'll feel happy/accomplished when I do. Because a victory at this stage feels like it will depend on RNG being with me too much for me to wanna credit it to skill.
  12. Nervous breakdown? I lost interest, I've dropped the game, easy as that. I was intending to go for everything in this game, because that's what felt natural, and this one trophy just frustrated me to no end so I decided to play other games that I could enjoy instead. I'm working on my backlog too so those 7000 are going down a little, but it's slow. Dunno why that would have anything to do with this conversation though. And if you looked at my trophies, you probably also saw how many I did end up getting for the game, I played one year, enjoyed it, then it was time to start going for trophy requirements so my enjoyment of the game was already dwindling a little, it was starting to just become tasks to complete, and so this one trophy being so frustrating to me, showed me there was no platinum to be had from this game so I might as well cut my losses. It's not a perfect game and I recently did play through one I ended up enjoying more than SV in the same genre, so I'm good.
  13. Currently have dropped the game, unsure when/if I return to it. And I like to complete games, which has changed more and more towards trophy hunting, so knowing there is a very difficult trophy/hurdle, the only real way I can enjoy the rest of the game now would be if I passed that hurdle. If I were to review the full game, I might include a warning for trophy hunters, but it wouldn't affect the overall score for the game, since it is a small trophy for a side activity. I just don't feel the trophy suits what the game was advertised as/why I bought the game. I might be able to overcome the challenge if I work hard on it, for weeks, but doing all that for just one trophy, and where that added work has no benefit whatsoever to being better at the rest of the game? I see little point to it then. Many other hard trophies at the very least are related to the rest of the game, it's part of the main content, so I see more things I can do with the time spent on getting better/getting a good run for that trophy. But yeah, I very much think this is a game I'll just keep resenting now for presenting me with a calm, fun experience, and then throwing a trophy on my that requires 20+ minutes of perfection, where I've played other games that are intentionally challenging through and through that doesn't have any trophy as mean spirited as this, imo.
  14. Fector's Challenge... Because this game was intended to be a twin stick shooter with heavy reliance on RNG and wonky controls that demands 110% levels of perfection from the player. I am a trophy hunter, I got this game because it seemed like a soothing, calm, nice game that if I just kept at it, the trophies would start unlocking one by one. It would be easy, but take time, which I think is a fair trade for a trophy list to still be a feat to acquire. Then I started to look into this trophy... And now, at around 50% into the game, with so many goals for my farm, with so much investment in my in-game marriage, with my plans to befriend the townspeople, all of that just melted away, and all I can feel is the empty hatred from my attempts at beating this minigame that has nothing to do with how the rest of the game is played, and the game demands that I play it flawlessly for 20 minutes straight? Good bye Stardew Valley, in the trash you go, I don't need more rage right now, and if I pick you back up, it'd probably be if some miracle new update is issued that changes the insanity of this trophy tl;dr: Fector's challenge ruined the game for me and now all I feel when trying to play it is bitter taste of complete failure
  15. Assassin's Creed III Hard to find a game to recommend, but I feel this one was still enjoyable, outside of the bugs Oh and for someone recommending for me, currently working on Lost Sphear, and FFX I am saving so its platinum becomes my 15.000th trophy, so would wanna get another game as recommended