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  1. And trophy acquired. I still stand by that the minigame is rubbish, and this trophy doesn't fit the spirit of the game whatsoever, but at least I don't ever have to do it again. Update did make a huge difference
  2. Eh, anger does that sometimes But yeah been waiting for the patch, it came to PS4 already?
  3. Personally, I don't like the game. Walking speed too slow, there sometimes being a short stagger after doing something, that isn't consistent, has gotten my hit on multiple occcasions. The Mammoth boss was a nightmare for the spawnattack spam it often did, and overall it just feels clunkily designed. On the level of "the only way to react to attacks is to be psychic and see them 5 seconds early" because of how long it takes to get out of staggers after actions, not to mention stamina regen kicks in way too late, even with maxed stamina regen blessing. It's just a big collection of how small mistakes can be fatal for enjoyment imo
  4. Got the feats today, though they never popped, just appeared in my feats list. So yeah, tried starting new saves and all those tricks that seem to magically work on Xbox, but nothing. Gotta have to wait for a patch, hopefully one that awards them retroactively because I'm not redoing all that. Just wanted to reiterate them still unobtainable in this version of the game to warn others. It's a decently fun game, but it sucks that a game that most certainly is about achieving its feats bug out and refuses to reward you for it
  5. Well this trophy bugged out on me, it seems. I'm hoping that I actually missed one from the first half of the game, because if the game requires me to start a whole new save from scratch just for this trophy, then it's unbelievably stupid of them. Why make the snipers not spawn anew on NG+? Why?
  6. If you wanna get the platinum, this is one of those "guide required" titles with missables up the neck that make little to no sense. Ruins the experience, and fair warning if you do use the guide on this site, read through all the trophies carefully, the guide doesn't make it clear how several trophies are highly missable in step 1, not just the two they point towards
  7. Seems this trophy is glitched, found info that it had been glitched on Steam before but was supposedly fixed with the 1.07 patch, however I think I've run into the glitch on PS4. From what I could read, the glitch happens if you get more than 1 of the stones required for the trophy in one run, which makes the cutscenes stop happening. I am gonna keep run the dungeons in the desert area in case I just haven't gotten the final part (had like 5 runs now with no stone) but I think I've run into that glitch and would need a New Game, or New Game + run to try to earn it... I fricking hate glitched trophies Edit: seems restarting the game helped, either that or it's like a lot of other stuff that can be attributed to RNG, it helps to complain to earn the favour of Fortuna
  8. Breeder... Breeding... As in, sex-themed. Not hard to connect it to a potential Adult theme, or an awkward theme if it isn't about sex but the whole "breeding animals" angle. The title is eyecatching, certainly, for the reason of what it can mean
  9. I did return to the game eventually, mopped up all the trophies save for Fector's Challenge, and have it on my console, in case a patch eventually fixes this broken mess. But as it stands, the game started out being enjoyable as a trophy hunter, and ended up just being... rather meh. The grind to get everything killed the interest with the rest of the game for me a bit
  10. It really is difficult, the one trophy for the Fector. Everything else is more about grinding and getting through the game, but the arcade challenge is definitely what to look out for. So if you're really pro with arcade twin-stick shooters, you might be able to get that trophy in a few days
  11. From what I gathered looking into the bug, yes. New info here seem to indicate maybe one can find an invisible collectible at a place to recover the lost outpost trigger, but I wouldn't bet on that. Keeping a save file on the cloud and always checking the trackers after each location cleared would be the safe way to go through it, as well as making sure you don't die while doing the poutposts
  12. Yeah you should be able to download the old save and go from there, it's what I've been doing, but taken a break from the game
  13. Hmm, this is interesting to know, so maybe there is a way to undo the bug
  14. The platinum is obtainable, however if the bug happens on your save, it means that save is null and void for one trophy and you will need a full new playthrough. There's more info about it in this topic, for example the likely culprit for it
  15. Thanks, I ended up doing just that eventually, when I tried the tactic again, it was my final castle and so... awkward. I felt the game threw a bit too much stuff like that at you in an illusion of making things difficult. Unfair more like it