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  1. Project Diva f, Knytt Underground and Resident Evil 3 during the weekend sale. I kinda regret Knytt Underground, it was only 2.5 bucks though.
  2. All my homescreens are various Macross varia fighters
  3. Go for the AC Brotherhood one.
  4. The worst game I've played in the last 2-3 console generations has totally got to be Sonic 06, worst 5$ I've ever spent.
  5. Steam OS sounds like a cool idea, I'm going to install it on my old laptop and see if it's any good. Hopefuly it'll be out soon.
  6. I'm just gonna keep my PS3 and play on PC while I wait until the PS4 gets a revision/price drop which it'll most likely will.
  7. Blacklight:Retribution was pretty good on PC but it was quite Pay2Win with the paid ammo types like fire ammo and that you also needed to play a crapload of matches to unlock a single item permanently instead of just for a day/week instead of using the paid currency. I wonder if it'll just be a simple port of the PC ver to PS4.
  8. You can add me on psn if you want always happy to have friends my age on my list :)

  9. Looks like there's not many people down here in South America.
  10. Nujabes, one of my favourites. RIP
  11. Not too surprising since the WiiU is really outdated even though it only came out last year. It will probably flop but we'll see what Nintendo does to make it sell. I hope they make a new Metroid/Zelda game for WiiU/3DS.
  12. Wait, Rock Band 3 had online? I can't bloody remember that
  13. Enkindle (Dark Souls) "Light bonfire flame." 98.03% A terribly hard to get trophy.
  14. Thanks, mate. Your avatar's cool too!

    1. mattie_medusa


      No probs man, and thanks one of my fav fighters

  15. I just wanted to say your avatar is awesome xD