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  1. Without spoiling anything please, what armor sets are worthing going after in the campaign and spending resources on? I'm near the beginning, got the dwarf armor from the rig side quest and am thinking about sticking with that one for the majority. Unless there's a better route to take?
  2. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this
  3. I wanted to play this game along with a guide in case I got stuck. Is every play through of this game completely random? I've reset Stage One about a dozen times and none of them matched any of the play throughs I found....
  4. So I'm big into gaming but my wife is much more casual. Will I be able to platinum this or will it just cause the two of us to fight trying to beat it?
  5. I'm stuck on this quest, I got it from Rota Jansen, she had be search four bodies and return items to her. Then she said something about a Effie the gnome....and that's it. The quest log says "Look for clues" and nothing else. Very frustrating...can someone please help me with what else I need to do?
  6. Where is Effie the gnome? All the quest log gives me is "Look for clues" which is not helpful at all.....
  7. Yeah I was greedy, kept the ring and paid the price lol I actually played it on Very Hard until the quest to assemble the armor then I switched to Casual to dry and speed through it.
  8. Well......looks like I'll need to replay the DLC To the best of my knowledge I didn't fall for any of the pit traps listed here except for the headhunters and I didn't give the ring back. Here's hoping the second time works.
  9. So I figured it out, I had already killed the root golem in a previous quest. The quest marker was pointing to where it's loot sack should have been only it wasn't there. So I went back to a previous save and thank God the pack was there. I lost a few hours of playtime but better than having to start over!
  10. I'm trying to complete The Giant Killer side quest but the final one (the Root Golem) never spawns. I've tried sleeping in a bed for like five days but that didn't work either. Has anyone else run into this problem? Really hoping I'm not screwed over completely
  11. I wondered the same thing, did you ever figure it out?
  12. I played this back in the day on PS3 using the old trophy guide. Can I do the same for the remake or are there any new trophies/changes I need to be aware of? I'm assuming the same tips/strategies/build I used back then will work here too? Thanks!
  13. I thought only square and triangle were the attacks, which move are you talking about?
  14. What's the best way of doing that? They always ran back in for me.
  15. I started this because the guide gave it a 3 in difficulty but I haven't had any luck advancing into Mexico and it's getting frustrating plus the controls don't make a lot of sense and anything I try and dish out just gets countered. Any helpful advice or tips on how to make this easier would be fantastic.