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  1. Day one buy for me, I just hope it's not a hair pulling difficult plat.
  2. I'm playing through it again on the second save file, really hoping it works and not a case of needing to uninstall/reinstall cause I don't know if I can play through a third time. Scary that it seems like it can happen with multiple characters.
  3. I'm having similar trouble with the flametrooper......did you ever figure out your answer?
  4. Since it became free for Plus I've been thinking about co-oping through this with my wife. She's not a half bad gamer so she'd be a good partner. My question though is how hard is it to three star every level with two players? I would want to 100% this and that trophy seems like it could be a bad time. Thanks for any advice!
  5. Thanks, that was what I hoped but some games are buggy. Had that problem for Lego Marvel 2 so wanted to confirm.
  6. I'm about to play this tonight with my wife using splitscreen co-op. For the story related/un-missable trophies we should both earn those right? Or do I need to pick sure I'm player 1 so that they pop for me? Can anyone confirm this? I don't want to miss out on getting them. Thanks!
  7. Great to hear, thanks for the help y'all!
  8. Awesome! And you don't have to sign into a Steam account on the PS3 to earn them do you?
  9. I haven't played this game in several years but thought about buying it again on PSN (lost my psychical disc) to get some of the local co-op trophies I'd missed. Is that still possible to do so? I know some like Professor Portal can't be earned anymore but I'm just more interested in ones like Still Alive or Triple Crown. Can that be done? Thanks!
  10. Sad that there won't be a future foundation suit but maybe in the next game? I'm guessing the black suit is being saved for the next one too.
  11. Not that I know of, I also had a save right before completing her romance. I tried it again from that point just now and still no luck.
  12. I tried to do this in one play through but I don't seem to have unlocked this..... This is what I did: 1. Had a casual fling with Peebee in the gravity chamber (a lot) 2. Dated the interviewer asari 3. Completed a full romance with Suvi It didn't pop after the make out scene with Suvi and I'm confused as to what went wrong. I got Journal Entanglement entries for the first two but nothing for Suvi.....did I do something wrong or did it get glitched? If I romance a third in my Insanity play through will it unlock then? Thanks!
  13. Awesome! Thanks for the help guys
  14. What gadgets and suit powers do you recommend using for a NG+ Ultimate run through? I only ever played on normal so I never really needed to get clever with the gadgets/upgrades
  15. I was just curious if some of the stats for specific combat trophies like "kill X enemies a certain way" carry over between play throughs and if they count even if you die during a mission. Thanks for the help!