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  1. Well, depends, IT is not that expensive anymore, and a Lot of games dropped below 10 € in EU-Store, so it is quite comfortable to own one. And the variety of games is really great now after like 5 years...
  2. I deleted that game during the crystal golem fight, framerates drop so hard it turns to be unplayable. You need to Block all the time and keep your dps up to keep him from reggen, after like 5 tries, all like 5-10 min, i threw my vita happily away.
  3. sony xperia z3, going for 5 or 6 with my next contract
  4. you have to attack his arm. one time it wipes and another its not moving, attack it. and killing gohsts will make it lose some hp too
  5. Okay... Did my 5th now, just need to Hope then^^ thanks
  6. Its the last Red stone i miss, but the sparkling tree just dosnt react to anything i Do... Am i missing something? Q,q
  7. anyone feels like giving me, a poor student, a ps4 for free? :D

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Cobby


      your place or mine?

    3. IkioiVita


      yours should be fine!

    4. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      don't forget to bring protection like a wooden club or a long rubber thing

  8. rouge legacy really is a funny game, even tough i cant even beat the 2nd boss :D

  9. the binding of isaac, rebirth... someone can give me a good trophy or just an item guide? this game lacks any description so hard :((

  10. just applied as a germanteacher at a chinese university, wish me luck:)

    1. Royalredpanda


      Good luck! Hope you get it :)

    2. funboy1246


      good luck, hope all turns out well.

    3. IkioiVita


      thanks ^____^

  11. almost 80% of the psplus indie and minigames i just tried for fun );
  12. i'm a quarter of a century.
  13. trying dragons dogma again, had just one trophy after it has been relaesed in ps+
  14. kingdom hearts 1.5
  15. lindsey stirling - night vision. just saw her live yesterday