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  1. Necropolis without any doubt...
  2. TW4 or next Elder Scrolls for sure But eh, can wait..
  3. 1. Catfight without any doubt, this minigame is a nightmare 2. Gambling Games, because its only based on luck and so, absolutly not fascinating 3. Batting, cuz.. well.. it is what it is 😅 Mahjong is surprisely fun when you take some time to learn the rules (which is quite a pain in the ass tho) I dont know why ppl put so much hate on Disco/Karaoke, they're definitly my 2 favs minigames.. 🤔
  4. Im pretty sure they enabled cross-save between PC and PS4/5, from what i've seen here and there on internet. Though the real question is, are the trophies retro poppin' 🤔. Cant see a clear answer about this anywhere :/
  5. Does it mean with the last update, trophies can be earn on PC, then a PS5 account be linked to the PC account with the trophies, and trophies will autopop on PS5 ?
  6. Sucks.. guess i'll stick with the main character for now 😭
  7. I got Sayu yesterday by doing wishes. She's pretty fun and seems quite strong. But, its impossible to evolve her at early game right ? I miss a material which seems unobtaible as an beginner. If u can help me on this 🤗 Btw its maybe not the place to talk about it but idk where else 😓
  8. Ye, i guess haha. Well then, i'll definitly give it a try. Thanks for the infos!
  9. I see. I wonder why they already have published these trophies then 🤔, this is unsual haha. Thanks for the answer tho 🤗
  10. Why are the last trophies still at 0.00% completion ? It is that hard ? (im new to the game on PC and willing to do trophies for autopop on PS5). Thanks!