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  1. atm i'm using a tank (Gladiolus), damage(Cloud), heal (Aerith) and magic (Vincent) character. but i think this isn't the best combo for the future. But I want to level the right characters...
  2. did you do every collection/sidequest? this helped me, because i was stuck at level 39 too
  3. it's like the map in 2018 gow. i got very of lost and i needed some videoguides for every collectible, cause some parts of the world are so confusing.
  4. for me: i like it! the story is not an oscar worth, but for a racing game i liked it. i like the comic effects and the style of the game at all. for me it's an good arcade racing game. the online part is at the moment very boring. i've the feeling, that there's missing so much... unfortunately.
  5. thank you for the informations, but i already deleted the game and don't want to start again😭. But maybe this helps another soul out there. Thank you 😄❤️
  6. you don't need all the dream gems in k1 or k2. only collect the villagers and dolls.
  7. yeah you're totally right. It feels like nothings happens after this long time, but in a negative way. I haven'T played it on switch, but maybe the witch version is better 'cause of the touchscreen (?). i also bought it on sale and for me it would be a bad purchase if i paid more than 20€...
  8. For me it's Shiki! Love her fighting style and her look. Reminds me a little bite of a cuter Morrigan Aensland ❤️ https://senrankagura.fandom.com/wiki/Shiki?file=Burst+Re-Newal+Shiki.jpg
  9. i've finished it and yeah... i don't like it. I enjoyed 6 and primal so much more. but the 5th one is soo boring as a game. i like the cult and seed, but that's it... the gameplay is really boring for me...
  10. i started yesterday and i kinda like it. it's not perfect or it's not going to be in my top 10 must play list. but it's enjoyable! But i played it only a few hours and there are soo many bugs 😂
  11. It'S not locked anymore!!! the new update fixed it!!!
  12. i tried it after the last patch and i think the savefile is damaged or the game. idk, i deleted the game and i've a bad feeling with this game...
  13. thank you. yeah i was hoping that there's a small hint, but now i'm just waiting... i hate such things sooo much 😭
  14. Hello! hope you have a great time here in the forum 😄 lovely greetings from Austria
  15. I'm trying to get the 'Formula Exhaust Feat' trophy, for which i need the Avax sponsor. But I'm not able to unlock it. I bought every update at the mechanic development skill tree, but it's locked. I read only, that maybe it's an update 2.0. problem. Does anyone else have this problem too?