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  1. Hey there I have message from my friend he said he'd like to invite you to join psntrophyleaders custom leaderboard or Facebook groups Here's the link https://(URL not allowed)/event/view/402


    he said why you didn't post on kaskus website anymore? 

    1. zizimonster


      Hey, thanks for the share.:)

    2. flipskullhead


      Looks like the link for psn trophy leaders didn't showed up try delete https and changes into www. Or add some dots on com word






      Anyone can join that custom leaderboard but mostly Indonesian with different region, the owners is @Kurai_L AKA Abdul Latief Agusetiawan feel free to ask him thanks.

  2. Well the day before mark lanegan died i was talk with grant and listen some music especially grunge including screaming trees. When i about to sleep there's notification about mark lanegan passed away i was shock, well R.I.P Both mark lanegan and anthony bourdain you are the best
  3. Hello Mr.Lee thank you for answer i hope you doing alright in heaven we missed you so much 😣
  4. Too bad psnprofiles ban him he won't answer any replies because of that.
  5. Physical copies complete edition because it's super cheap but i'm sure it works 2 years ago i had no idea what's going on 😖
  6. I'm sure i plat this game back in the day when i come back to play again it freeze at the beginning of vice desk, is this because server closure?
  7. Please guys respon to my replied comments for those who knows the issue as soon as possible this bugs bother me and i wanted to play it until finish 😢
  8. I'm also stuck at the beginning of vice desk, my question is how do you manage to get platinum ? Any solution ? If yes please respon to my replied messages thanks.
  9. It's been long time i haven't post about a music, here it is
  10. I told grant about your experience he said get more k.o and finish the match very quickly means easier to get specific coins he forgot to mention that, it's too bad he can't edit this topic due to getting ban, sorry for late reply 'cause no notification while i'm online.
  11. Not every ps3 games support ps4 controller if you have any games that required ps3 controller just buy turbo controller if you can't find any ps3 controller (most of the online marketplace have plenty fake ps3 controllers) He talking about playing mgs3 in ps3 with ps4 controller that doesn't support
  12. This method still works but the website no longer available. I still have vita trick email and willing to send vita trick email for those still needed pm my psnprofiles for vita trick email thanks
  13. Happen to me as well but different game (drowning vita version)
  14. Unfollow this forum the notification will off Just play again until popped out or back up your save file then delete @GrantVernonHart say that
  15. Mr grant no longer replied any topics because he's not active anymore in psnprofiles forum but he notice this topics by me and here's what he said: My tip is to increase drop rate coins not increase rare coins and this tips the most useful tips so far i can guarantee i figured this method when i keep repeating chapter 7 story or chapter 11 zoro, my time to platinum maybe 1 week but i'm not rushing this game because i have to find boost partner, 10k K.O and i got things to do. I'm no longer on this site anymore cause' i have a Fight with moderators because rltw trophy debate end up getting ban doesn't matter who start first but i always love video games until the day i die no matter what i'm sorry if i coudnt help you much Sincere @Grant