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  1. Since i don't play this game i ask grant how method work here's what he said: you can't always depend on box since it's completely random even you open platinum or diamond box it still random and didn't always grant you abillitiy by using method you can minimize the possibility to earn your cat call trophy progress and i got cat call trophy less then a week same thing happen to my friend agung. And please read my tips carefully before make a statement also if you need anything contact me for further details cause' i don't activate in psnprofiles forum anymore because of complicated problems
  2. I don't think grant working this game alone his friend also help him progress grant only share this method so you can gather all possible skill ASAP if you lucky enough you probably earn cat call in one try
  3. Grant method is to cut short time so you don't have to wait hours or days but theres also method provide by mr @Sergen i believe? You can ask him too
  4. Yeah i hope psnprofiles would hear our voices. Now my opinion over psnprofiles leaderboard um... you can't judge other people over easy platinum,ultra rare,100% completionist you name it because people play the games for fun and relax it's their free will everyone wanted to be free it doesn't matter what would like to be like as long you're happy that's alright to most of us
  5. Mr Grant no longer active in forum profile because complicated thing you should ask him i'm sure he will response
  6. It's likely that this topic will cause as much commotion as over rltw trophy debate, people end up getting muted,ban etc but in the end it's up to sly ripper cause he owned this site and he rules this site
  7. @GrantVernonHart no longer in psnprofiles.com forum contact him for further details, also i'm his friend if you need anything you can ask me too thanks
  8. Can we just play without online trophy? I used to platinum this in 1.00 version so why bother?
  9. I'm always support you man as friendship 👍
  10. Great song and deep feeling this song should get more attention back in the day early 2000s full of heavy metal and pop thingy that make me sick other genre deserve more attention too just like ShoeGaze got critices over britpop and grunge in 90s you guys should wake up and find something new rather than watch or listen mainstream media 👎
  11. You mean this ghost?
  12. There will no be my bloody valentine or slowdive without cocteau twins Long Life Dream Pop and ShoeGaze
  13. Love that song too underrated among siamese dream other song Team gish is here 🤘
  14. Yeah only few good songs then they break up soon after. I'll stick with smashing pumpkins this song also part of video games soundtrack call Watch Dogs 👍