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  1. Popped a new one to add under the # field: 5-Leaf Clover - Black Clover: Quartet Knights That makes 25/29, 4 to go to round out the set.
  2. Lately been playing Kena: Bridge of Spirits, been enjoying it, has a nice Zelda-y feel to it. More adventure genre then RPG though.. I have some JRPGs in my wishlist as well that look interesting and seem to have mostly good reviews.. Shiness The Lightning Kingdom, Tales of Astia and Lost Sphear were a few that caught my eye.. Also, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning is worth it, especially if you never played it on PS3 back when it originally came out. Hope that helps!
  3. 17th place lol womp womp... 1 away from triple digits too haha originally was aiming to hit 200+ but of course home renos and the honey do list managed to get in the way! Congrats to the group for setting a new record!! Great participation, and thanks again for organizing this @Beyondthegrave07!
  4. Picked up Kena: Bridge of Spirits on release day, been enjoying it! There are a couple bugs sure but I always save frequently so nothing has set me back too much, so really they just amount to minor nuisances so far. I've seen worse things from bigger developers in all honesty. Yesterday took advantage of the Big in Japan sale and nabbed Black Clover: Quartet Knights for 85% off! Been in my wishlist since I started watching the anime so stoked to play it.
  5. I definitely have quite a few that I can use for this! Stranded Deep - First trophy June 11 2020 (Been working on this one lately, currently at 64%) AC Valhalla - First trophy Nov 11 2020 (Currently at 85% of main game, no intention of picking up DLC) Active Neurons 2 - First trophy March 18 2021 (Currently at 47%) Gorogoa - First trophy March 15 2021 (Currently at 72%) Street Racer Underground - First Trophy March 5 2021 (Currently at 17%) Lumini - First trophy Jan 23 2021 (Currently at 54%) Lifeless Planet - First trophy Jan 16 2021 (Currently at 64%) Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - First trophy Jan 10 2021 (Currently at 5%) Ruiner - First trophy Nov 30 2020 (Currently at 46%) Intruders: Hide and Seek - First trophy July 18 2020 (Currently at 37%) Vosaria: Lair of the Forgotten - First trophy June 6t 2020 (Currently at 6%) Need for Speed Heat - First trophy April 18 2020 (Currently at 38%) Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands - First trophy May 10 2020 (Currently at 28%) AereA - First trophy April 18 2020 (Currently at 21%) Erica - First trophy April 9 2020 (Currently at 19%) Unravel - First trophy March 11 2020 (Currently at 2%) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - First trophy Dec 27 2019 (Currently at 64%) Rime - First trophy Feb 17 2018 (Currently at 10%) I have over 100 games in my backlog currently lol it's abit ridiculous at the moment. These are just the (PS4) ones that I started more then 6 months ago that I always planned on going back to get the on.
  6. ~ # - 0 Degrees ARK: Survival Evolved (Ultra Rare) Borderlands CS:GO Detroit: Become Human Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Fallout: New Vegas Grand Ages Medieval (Ultra Rare) Horizon Zero Dawn Immortals Fenyx Rising Just Ignore Them Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning L.A. Noire (PS3) Minecraft x2 (PS3 & PS4) No Man's Sky Orc Slayer Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul Q Rocket League Saint's Row: The Third (PS3) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim x2 (PS3 & PS4) Until Dawn Void Gore Wheels of Aurelia X Y Zero Zero Zero Zero non-English - 24 out of 29
  7. Stranded Deep - Island Hermit Spend 10 Consecutive Days on One Island Very Rare 5.30% - Oceanic DaVinci Craft the Gyrocopter Very Rare 5.14% - Who Needs the Sea Anyway? Have One of Each Farm Crop Planted on the Same Island Ultra Rare 2.99%
  8. I'll throw my name in! Likely to be playing that day anyways so least I can do is contribute , been tearing through my backlog lately so this just gives me more incentive. And thanks for organizing this! Look forward to seeing how many I can get that day
  9. Final Fantasy IV Skyrim KOTOR Mass Effect 2 Counter Strike Kinda surprised that those were the 5 that immediately came to mind.. even 10 would be difficult lol but I tried to just go with the first 5 that I thought of.
  10. nicely done!
  11. O man I'm in. The symbiotes were always one of my faves in the comics, especially Venom. Still gives me time to play Miles Morales before this releases too.
  12. GTA V. I actually got the 100% completion trophy for SP, but the MP grind is what stopped me from going after the . Impressive.. well done!
  13. Whoops lol missed the part about a limit of 5 per tier, my mistake! Here are the 5 that I'll go with for Tier 1: Dragonball FighterZ - 2.68% - 2 UR trophies total - 75% completion Stranded Deep - 2.21% - 14 UR trophies total - 5% completion Amnesia Collection - 3.79% - 3 UR trophies total Greedfall - 4.03% - 1 UR trophy total The Forest - 4.28% - 1 UR trophy total
  14. I'll give this a go, why not? Be nice to get a few of these off my backlog, and it's for a good cause too! Sounds like a win win to me I made it easier (also harder?) on myself by only selecting games I already own that have an UR . Already Started Dragonball FighterZ - 2.68% - 2 UR trophies total - 75% completion Stranded Deep - 2.21% - 14 UR trophies total - 5% completion Not started Amnesia Collection - 3.79% - 3 UR trophies total Greedfall - 4.03% - 1 UR trophy total Party Crashers - 2.40% - 10 UR trophies total Party Golf - 3.76% - 2 UR trophies total PUBG - 1% - 14 UR trophies total Portal Knights - 3.26% - 3 UR trophies total The Forest - 4.28% - 1 UR trophy total Thief - 3.77% - 8 UR trophies total Ultimate Challenge Bonus Round Long Journey Home - 0% - 31 UR trophies total Maybe bit off abit more then I can chew here over the next few months but won't know until we try! Bets of luck to all the participants, and thanks for your generosity OP
  15. I'll throw my name in as well please! Have a few spooky games in my backlog that I can use. 1. Amnesia Collection - Spooky looking survival horror 2. Murdered: Soul Suspect - Play as a ghost, solve your own murder 3. Erica - choice based murder mystery *started - currently at 19%* ----- Dawn of Fear - Classic RE style survival horror Dying: Reborn - Mystery horror puzzle Goosebumps: The Game - classic Halloween nostalgia stuff Intruders: Hide and Seek - Home invasion, save your parents *started - currently at 37%* The Shapeshifting Detective - Murder mystery Those Who Remain - Choice based Thriller The Forest - Survival sandbox meets The Descent There's 10 to get me going, be pretty happy if I can get through that list by Halloween! I realize a couple are under the 6 hour threshold but I just posted all the ones that fit the theme, made sure the top 3 meet the standards at least!