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  1. Buddy.... I just heard the devastating news. 


    I always tried to return it back to you, but still wanted to say out loud that I very much appreciated your positivity and encouragement that you extended to anyone and everyone.  The online gaming community won't be the same without you.


    Much love to you bro.  You unquestionably touched alot of stranger's lives digitally without hesitation in such a positive way, and in a world with alot of negativity in it that was incredibly refreshing and spoke volumes to your integrity and character.


    Rest easy friend, there better be a massive life platinum up there ready to pop for you, you've earned it more then most.


    My deepest and most sincere condolences to everyone that knew him, and especially to all the friends and family.  <3

  2. Still have 3 different PS3's lol and they all still work great! I still have my OG 80GB Fatboy that I bought in Feb 2009, then I also have my 500GB Super Slim that I got in 2013, 2 years before upgrading to PS4. Hundreds maybe thousands of hours spent on both with no issues. My partner has a 250GB Slim model to round out the collection and hers still works just fine as well.
  3. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - David Horak Collect 10,000 Herbs 4.53% Ultra Rare
  4. I plan some more then others, depends on what the milestone is and whether or not I can have some fun with it lol after all, isn't having fun the whole point of gaming? One example would be for my 9000th trophy, I popped one titled "It's over 9000!". Figured a DBZ reference was pretty fitting for that one lol. I would say I like going for double milestones if I can.. my 60th was also my 6000th trophy, 100th was my 7000th, 225th was also 10,000th... that sort of thing. Doesn't always line up but I try to hit it if I can. I would've liked to get one with a luggage reference for #12,345 (I see you Spaceballs fans ) but didn't notice how close I was to it until it was too late lol ah well, ce la vie. Sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't. I guess more then anything I just try to pop a for most milestones, unless I can get one with a fun name that makes sense for it. The last "thousandth" trophy milestone that I hit that WASN'T a was #3000. Not every milestone gets listed as such on your PSN page, so really at the end of the day, it's mostly just for you and what you enjoy doing with it. Good luck on hitting that century mark, no matter what you decide to do for it! Let us know what you went with either way
  5. That's a tough one, I really enjoyed both. Picked Fallout 3 as it was the one that got me into the series, was one of the main reasons I bought my first PS3 back in early 2009, and it was my first platinum.
  6. Wardogs: Red's Return is a fun beat em up Lost Ember was good with a nice story The Pathless I really enjoyed.. really cool gameplay, visuals, soundtrack and story Iris.Fall is a short fun kinda dark little indie puzzle game Deliver Us The Moon was good, had an interesting story Dissection was kinda creepy but fun Same with Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, overall better game though The Complex was a good Interactive Story type game, and if you've seen the show Letterkenny the actress that plays Katy is one of the main characters Beast Quest had a couple glitches but wasn't half bad, nice little adventure game AER: Memories of Old was pretty cool, the world is a series of floating islands and you're a shapeshifter Through the Woods was pretty interesting, full of Norse mythology Dragon Sinker is fun if you like old school 16bit pixelated style RPG Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands reminds me abit of A Link to the Past on SNES, but with less content. Those all have less then 5000 owners, a few of them I was surprised to see that they were under that mark. I enjoyed them all though. Hope a few of those tickle your fancy
  7. Cool idea! For esports I'd recommend Rocket League, alot of fun and not too difficult to plat. Regarding parkour.. I never played Mirror's Edge, but I definitely recommend Dying Light. The challenges can be frustrating but otherwise it's alot of fun. With the Olympics, the Tokyo 2020 trophy guide lists it as a 2/10 taking around 8 hours. But you might prefer the London 2012 one, being from UK and all, plus it's a rarer plat I see you have truck racing but not car or rally racing. Many racing games to choose from for cars, the Need for Speeds are fun I'd recommend Payback. As for rally racing, it seems that Gravel is the most achievable, and I see it on sale all the time. I agree with @Troz about winter sports, as he said Shaun White I believe is now unobtainable. Steep is a much better game regardless, I second that recommendation. As for hockey, the NHL games are VERY difficult to plat, mostly because of all the online requirements. Something like Super Blood Hockey is still pretty fun and achievable in single player. Bets of luck with your challenge!
  8. Just gave mine an update, added Q and Y... just missing 2 to complete the collection
  9. 8329
  10. NHL 15 - Making Millions Acquire 50 million dollars in your career in Be A Pro with a created Pro 0.61% rarity
  11. 8278
  12. 8264
  13. Made a few gaming goals for myself this year. Going to be a busy year outside of gaming so I tried not to get too crazy with it lol. 500 (Currently at 434) 16,000 trophies (Currently at 14,246) 80% completion (Currently at 78.26%) Bring the completed/played ratio down to a difference of at least 200 (currently 407/638, goal example 438/638 or better) Get PS4 backlog down to at least 50 (Currently ~120, around 30 of which have at least been started and are in various stages of completion)