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  1. Pokemon Y. In fact, I've been playing my 3ds/neglecting my Ps3 a lot lately.
  2. If they haven't been active, I don't outright delete them. THat said, if I ever reach 100+, the inactive people that I do not know personally or have a friendship with are the first to go. ALso, I will delete if someone is obnoxious. I didn't delete yet on the PS3, but I did end up deleting someone off of my 3ds because they were hazardous to my town's health.
  3. Gwon has changed a bit I see xD

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. UltraDog177


      Been okay, tho can't sleep much lately xD had a boring summer

    3. Moggy


      Yea, I kinda miss summer, even though I was working for the majority of it, but I'm glad to be back at school.

    4. UltraDog177
  4. Divekick is so fun!

  5. Such a slow day



      got that right !!! -.-

  6. I believe Hydreigon Ferrothorn Volcarona Galvantula or Thundurus Jellicent Machamp
  7. 9/10. Pretty cool
  8. Yea it did. I tried keeping it with Tetra or the Gorons from another set, but I'm not entirely sure where it is at this moment.
  9. THe Conjuring
  10. I love those figurines! I always tend to pick up a few myself, and I have the Tetra as well. The last things I bought were the following: Level Up Stand for Cases Nyko 3DS battery pack that seems very effective 3DS Case with Car Charger, Cloth and Extra styluses (All of them have been useful) X and Y Preorder Skullgirls Posters Hydreigon plamo set
  11. My friend got one of those PS3 3D tvs. It was interesting, but it was nothing I would shell out money for. Also, on my 3ds, I turn it on occasionally, but usually I don't care for it.
  12. Here: Valentine from Skullgirls. I've been fond of the avatar for a while. I'm currently using it on Steam and Work, and I have it as a pattern in AC as well. PSN: Preorder Ellie. Might switch back to Beat in a week or 2
  13. My last "weapon" that I used is the toy hammer from New Leaf. Unless I sell it and kill the zombies with the Bells I made from it, then I'm dead.
  14. I love that feeling. I would never forget the first wifi towns I visited on wifi. Good times man! Is the dislike due to the fact that there isn't as big as a change from WW to CF as there was from AC to WW? Anyways, a lot of people say that NL is a major improvement in the scale of the latter, and I have to agree. It's currently my favorite AC .
  15. I wish that K.K. still made Saturday visits even without the club built yet. That said, this game is probably my favorite AC yet!