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  1. Unfortunately I already have these two. Thanks though, atleast now I know which 4 I do have
  2. With Robin's archeology. I've got the two in the tower. This is the only thing stopping me from being able to complete all objectives.
  3. Also track star only counts wins from Solo shows - no groups
  4. From OP's post it sounds like both the PS4 and PS5 versions share the same uploaded data, so I imagine it'll work
  5. I have this fairly regularly when I've been binging a puzzle game. It usually goes away after a couple of days once I've got engrossed in a new game!
  6. Pretty sure it's the ones you pick up
  7. There's only twenty? I assumed that this trophy along with the one for Nami and Sanji had way more in the game than what you needed for the trophy
  8. Why not get it through ps plus? Surely a month or two of that would be cheaper than buying the game even on sale?
  9. The Vita guide on here has a link to a good guide for the Risette trophy. It breaks down all the lines and where they can be gotten.
  10. I got the platinum on both games on PS4. I don't remember exactly where each alliance is, I got all the trophies for Flames of Rebellion by following this guide https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/topic/314138-fallen-legion-flames-of-rebellion-100-platinum-walkthrough-text/ and all trophies for Sins of an Empire by doing three playthroughs, one playthrough for exclusively choices of each type. Doing it this way seems to have been staying with particular characters and factions each time.
  11. For me it says it releases on the 19th. Its out on Xbox on 19th too
  12. This is so helpful thanks! I'd been keeping notes up until now with which ones I'd found in each area until someone released a full list like this
  13. It seems like this game always has a bugged trophy. When I played the armory trophy was fine, but it was impossible to get the good ending and capture all the creatures for the final party member as doing one of the mandatory sidequests for the good ending stopped enemies spawning in the salt mines. I had to do a second playthrough just for that trophy
  14. I played the whole game in co-op with a friend last year and we encountered no issues with trophies
  15. Ignore that, I edited my message because I misremembered lol I don't think it will be the story ones, as its all linear. I don't remember there being anything storywise after you've won the whole thing