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  1. It looks like the patch fixed a lot of issues! I noticed three things. I had the Porg collecting mission glitched, I could finally finish that now. A load of rumours were popping up wherever I went, I assume they didn't unlock properly before. Markers such as Kyber bricks I'd already collected were stuck on the map, they've now dissapeared.
  2. Adding to this, I've now unlocked Bag o'Trash and none of the jackpot endings trophies have popped. I should have the platinum now but oh well. 😵
  3. That's a good call if you don't do well with difficulty or get wound up easily. Going for completion was triggering my depression so I decided to leave it.
  4. I believe one of the tamers in the opening area is technically missable, because of stuff that happens later they dissapear. Other than that I don't think anything is missable.
  5. To further elaborate on part of what the above poster said. The xp gained for jobs you're not currently using is based on your job affinities. The more affinity you have for a specific job the more xp it will get, regardless of if its equipped in either slot or not. So you could for example level up Thief solely by having equipment on that has Thief affinity.
  6. Yup I just unlocked Brimstone without unlocking the trophy. I hope these can be unlocked retroactively, I'd hate to have to delete my save file to do this again
  7. So today the same QTEs were perfectly doable, still some lag but actually possible. Maybe I got a better PS3 on sony's end? I have no idea why.
  8. Streaming from premium is far better than remote play was, not perfect but far better.
  9. I'm playing on PS Premium, so streaming the game. I'm finding the timed mash QTEs impossible to do because of the ingame lag, also some of the triangle buttons I have to press so early to go through. Is anyone else having these issues? Dies anyone know of a way to do them easier on this chapter? Its not my Internet connection, that's fine. It's explicitly at this part that this happens.
  10. I'm seriously considering getting this after I've completed what I'm currently playing. Looks neat!
  11. Doesn't really matter but start with 1
  12. Darksiders is a fun one to do!
  13. Ahh I played at launch and didn't know about the extra stuff that was added. The only trophy I had any issues with was The best, like no one ever was.
  14. Which trophy is that?
  15. They're separate gamed, available individually.