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  1. Thanks for the XP-tips. It is very easy to get XP, but at the same time the game is very enjoyable to play as well.
  2. Hasn't unlocked for me, will try this.
  3. The Adaptable unlocked for me yesterday after playing the Daily / Weekly challenges.
  4. This worked for me as well. It popped after having 3 (or 4) memorable moments in Alaska after doing more in that session in The Alps
  5. I'm sure it's possible today! Got within 0,8 feet of one... Did get 4 Albatrosses and beat Hassan.
  6. You can actually set up a putt on an easy green to match the 30+ feet distance as long as you stay within par.
  7. I got it in free roam as well, crashed one of those land rush go-karts and did a 360 and it popped...
  8. Mine unlocked after 41 headshots according to the stats. I suspect you need "Headshot kills" whereas the stats page lists Headshots.
  9. Cool thanks for sharing
  10. Online play is a bit dodgy to say the least. Lots of warping in 8-player sessions and a few times I had to quit the game from the PS4 menu because it was stuck on 'waiting for other players'.. Hopefully the servers will get better.