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  1. Sad that there's no more specialist in MP. Seems like a copy of Modern Warfare
  2. I finished it earlier this month and had no problems with trophies.
  3. The reason i joined PSNP was because of the trophy cards and the statistics at the time, not knowing it had an amazing community and the gaming sessions and later on trophy guides.
  4. Add me to the 4 completions club Walking Dead S1 Walking Dead S2 The Wolf Among Us Tales from the Borderlands
  5. Definitely Rocket League Second would be Tales from Borderlands
  6. #117 - Persona 4 Golden One of the best Vita games and one of the best RPG'S. Was gutted when i finally platinumed this game as i cant get enough of it. Cant wait to get Persona 5 next year. #118 - Tales from Borderlands Wow what can i say about this game. At first i thought it was a stupid idea because Borderlands is usually fast paced. But man this game blew my mind how awesome it was and if they make a second season i will buy it without hesitation.
  7. Finally platinumed Persona 4 Golden this weekend

  8. This would actually be a decent line up for a change Walking Dead S2 i played on PS3 when it first came out so wont mind to replay it. Magicka 1 i played on PC and its a awesome 4 player game, so many funny deaths.
  9. Any game can sound boring if you describe it like that.
  10. Plat #100 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil I tried to make Batman Arkham City my 100th plat but i got bored with all the challenges and Riddler trophies. So i decided to make this my 100th as it was second choice and i knew it would be a very rare one to have.
  11. Liked Really on the fence to buy this game but would like to try the beta.
  12. Would love to replay this on my recently purchased PS4
  13. I loved the evil ending it was something different compared to other evil endings in games, although Infamous 2's evil ending wasn't to bad either but this one was much better.
  14. Plat #110 - Hungry Horde Fun game but became grindy as hell towards the end.
  15. Cant wait to play this game on Friday