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  1. this stack of the game is physical
  2. where can i buy the physical version of this game?
  3. can anyone help me by shareplay on some levels this is pretty hard
  4. I had to replay the game loads of times following different guides to get it.
  5. Loool im sure 2019 will decrease that even more.
  6. Cant get pahlevoon. QTE trophy. Can someone please help
  7. I completely followed the guide on psnp but ill try this aswell
  8. Hero of RaiNet - 76.92% Froggy Fad Demise 80% Only needed for plat please help.
  9. Had resogun first digital and knack first physical
  10. No email 😥
  11. My word statuettes and daft S- steins gate T-terminator salvation A-aer T-tetras escape U-uncharted drakes fortune E- energy balance T-tetras escape T-the town of light E-energy invasion S-skyscrappers D- dying reborn A-aer F-full blast T-the walking dead Left over letters - bdfggtvjtj
  12. Doesnt matter finished it now
  13. Why doesnt sony just allow all games to have a platinum? Anyone else agree?
  14. Damn sony are stupid. Many people would go and buy them japanese games from the PS store but i guess they dont want free money.