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  3. I thought it was a shit episode. No point in pushing this relationship to the main stage when it’s completely insignificant to the overall story. Who gives a fuck? Did we need an in depth episode detailing Joel and Tess' romantic relationship? Hell no. What's the point? There are more important things going on here to have these two playing piano, painting pictures, and crying about each other. I was dying to see Bill and Ellie’s banter, the bloater, the battle at Bill’s, but instead it’s these two assholes eating strawberries and planning a wedding. GTFO with this nonsense.
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  5. oops. thanks for fixing it, 8691
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  9. Predictions for the divisional rds: JAX vs KC - The student vs the sensei. Think sensei whips ass here. I know Dougie P is the QB whisperer, but Lawrence is too inconsistent and while JAX has a pass rush, Mahomes has the legs to beat it. KC by 2 TD’s. NYG vs PHI – This game comes down Hurts’ shoulder for me. If Hurts is running free, Eagles should win comfortably. If he’s not right, it will be a struggle. Wouldn’t be surprised if NYG pull the upset if Jones has a big day like he did last week. Mobile QB’s have given Gannon fits this year. Eagles in a nail biter. CIN vs BUF - Game of the week IMO. I’ll take CIN in the upset. Shootout similar to KC BUF last year. Gonna be wild. Ok, I cursed it…definitely a 9-6 game now lol DAL vs SF - DAL is good. Parsons is a game wrecker and rookie Purdy with Diggs ball hawking may be an issue. DAL has a good shot, but Dak will Dak and conjure up his Romo for this year and throw a pick 6 on the game tying/winning drive. SF by a FG. Will say if DAL pulls the upset, they’re my pick to win it all.
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  14. Sign me up again too please. Made great progress last year, but not anticipating the same length of time out of work this year so will be tough to duplicate. Let's see Current % - 84.16% Goal - 89.00% Good luck to all in hitting your goals.