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  1. I’m thinking of playing this game before they remove it from PS+ but I have a few questions. Can you auto-pop this game? How difficult is this platinum? How long does it take to platinum?
  2. There is no other method of doing this other than creating a boosting session.
  3. Would play both versions if it doesn't auto-pop anyway but still would like to know.
  4. Late response but they will unfortunately not auto-pop which means you have to do them again. Good thing is they’re not that much of a hassle to do.
  5. I decided to play this game as the online servers are going to be shutdown in August but I can’t find an opponent in online ranked matches in myClub. Is there anyway if I can boost this on my own using my PS4 and PS5?
  6. MyFaction is cloud based so all of your progress will be there when you switch to another version of the game. You do have to complete a match to unlock a few trophies though, that's about it.
  7. How’s the guide going? I might play this game if there’s a reliable guide for this. Thanks in advance.
  8. In need of the metaverse trophy. I have the Nitrous boost and the Vortex wheels so I can help you out with those in return.
  9. See that’s the point. You really should’ve gotten the grip of the game and have played it for a decent amount of time before coming on here to say that it’s sloppy. Trust me, I myself thought the controls were weird and the mechanics were weird but it’s really not that bad. The ladders are really broken though not going to argue about that they are literally built like Jenga towers.
  10. Is it possible to autopop from the PS5 version to PS4? At least for MyFaction that is.
  11. And that’s the thing that got you disappointed over this game? Omg…
  12. You’ve done a really great job on the gold medals guide, I’ve been using it alongside doing missions and I have like 35 gold medals already. So yeah, I’d totally recommend using his guides.
  13. Is anyone having an issue with this daily challenge? Even when I get 2 briefcases it doesn’t make progress in the daily challenge.
  14. Just like RuggedProGaming said, start off with grinding Faction Wars but before that I’d suggest unlocking the Ruby Asuka card to win matches very quickly in Faction Wars so you can make the process a whole lot easier
  15. Imagine spending 30 minutes for a match and getting absolutely fucked over without being able to do nothing because laying on the ground stunned. I’m so pissed man. Fuck this mode. I love this game but just fuck this mode.