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  1. I really want to play this game in my account. I know the platinum is still achievable but I want to get 100%. The DLC is delisted an you can’t get it anymore so is there a possible way to get this DLC? Perhaps like a Special Edition of the game.
  2. 1- Far Cry 3 - Amazing antagonist, great gameplay 2- Far Cry 4 - Dissapointing ending, ok gameplay 3- Far Cry 5 - Why isn't there a main character with a personality, good story 4- Far Cry Primal - Nice concept, boring story Haven't played the rest.
  3. Thank you for your long horror game recommendations, I really do appreciate it. As someone who takes horror games too seriously. Do you think Dead Space is a good entry? A lot of people have been recommending it since last year and they still are. Also, I already do have RE:7 from PS+ Collection but the game looks so scary, I know RE:8 is almost the same but I might get that one because RE:7 has difficult DLC and I’m trying to keep my completion rate 100% for now. I would like to know which game should I start off from and progressively play harder and scarier ones. I do want a good game, not some cheap 1-3 hours platinum. Perhaps like a RE:2 Remake because I already have that one.
  4. As all of you know, it’s October and Halloween is coming by so I want to play a good horror game. I’ve always wanted to try this game but I’ve never been good at horror games in my life. I get easily spooked by anything and I’m just terrible at it. Is this game beginner friendly? I do want to get this game and go for the platinum but I’m scared that I will pussy out and give up quite easily. I’m willing to take any advice as well like if I should play this in VR or not.
  5. Strange, the same thing happened to me while playing WWE2K20. For some reason while playing, my tv speaker got really fucked up. Sound became really distorted, It was really disturbing so I open my 3D Wireless Headset to see if it was my sound speakers or if it was bad sound quality for some reason. The sound was completely fine when I used my headphones but when I shut it off the speakers were still distorted. I trıed to ignore it, continue playing until the graphics instantly turned 8-bit. It was if my PS5 devolved into a PS1. It was like that for about 8 seconds and my PS5 just shut off completely. I turn it back on, it tells me to repair my external storage device, I do it. Wondering what the hell just happened, I look at my storage settings to see If anything was corrupted and then I notice that AC Ezio Collection just dissapeared. Which at the time it was the game I was working on to get the platinum. I download it back, fearing I had lost my save data but everything was ok when I opened it up. To this day, I stıll do not know what the hell happened or if WWE2K20 was so shitty that it can literally shut down a PS5 by itself. Never played it again.
  6. If you want to get Gravity Rush Remastered, buy PS Now. You get all PS3 classics: Infamous collection, BioShock collection, All Sly Cooper games, most of the Ratchet & Clank games. It's totally worth it and of course you get Gravity Rush Remastered. P.S: To be able to play PS3 games, you have to have a high wifi power in order to be able to stream.
  7. No platinum trophy? At least the game is going to be free and I don't see any multiplayer trophies so why not.
  8. Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle Bayonetta is an amazing game. It’s like Devil May Cry if you have every played that. Combos, combat just everything in general is amazing. Not to mention the fact that the game runs on 4K 60 fps with intense graphics. Vanquish however I have not heard of it and it has a ultra rare platinum so I do not have anything to comment about that but the bundle is 5 dollars cheaper than original listing of Bayonetta and you get 2 games out of it. Worth it.
  9. I just need the code for it. I don’t have the original case the game came with so can’t do that. It’s not available on PSN Store for me but DLCs are for some reason and opening a new account to get a code will probably not change anything.
  10. For some reason Skate Share Pack code doesn’t show up in PSN Store for me. I really want to get this platinum because I really like this game. If someone could maybe create a new account and give me the code. Any help is appreciated.