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  1. even RatalaikaGames does not know. Depends on Sony
  2. possible in less than half an hour
  3. Hit X in Asian version
  4. game is out in Hong Kong store. Bought it. But PS4 list is not released yet
  5. It's not really needed but if you interrupt the game and go on on another day after closing the video it would be easier to find out where (in the vid) you stopped Thank you!
  6. still not working
  7. yes crashed for me once too started new in english without deleting anything and it worked well
  8. thanks HINT: skip Videos by pressing X for a faster time......
  9. Out in EU stores today
  10. not only for you but for you too 😆 added a Geotag checklist in my Forum guide as well.
  11. I wrote a guide for you. YOu can find it here: and here:
  12. You already have it? Release should be 15th.
  13. yes but EU will be released on 15th as well
  14. It's in middle of the screen to the right