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  1. those publishers do not know how to make money. Often they put two former releases together to one. Silly
  2. Dragon's Dogma Great Game!
  3. Happy New year PSNP. Please delete all trophy buyers and cheaters next year to be taken serious again.
  4. not sure how many I did this year. Maybe 80 maybe 120 maybe less or more...
  5. If only they would get the old trophy lists back - more people would buy them. I won't anymore.
  6. VR needed? edit: o.k. isn't
  7. how did you do it mate? Any guide?
  8. There are other and faster new JP games (than the new Klap Kind) 👍
  9. コンプリート! 『ワガママハイスペック』を全てプレイしていただき、ありがとうございました。 Guide:ワガママハイスペック-trophy-guide/
  10. The N. Trepid Crash Bandicoot! Great!
  11. Hello and welcome
  12. Corpse Party Blood Drive KOREA
  13. my fastest one was 1 minute
  14. Biggest mistake in gaming was to start gaming