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  1. But she earn's the tophies on your account instead youself do---- That is cheating. Earn them yourself and make her an own account....
  2. you let your aunt earn trophies for you?
  3. LOL? This is an honest question? Most trophy hunters do have
  4. Not all but more as before. "All" isn't true. Horse (mission depending) yes, all weapons yes but not all items and ammunition. Quite more as before but still not all.
  5. As far as I remember....
  6. Sad to hear this! Many people followed my guide and had no issues.
  7. did the Korean version 4 years ago. No problems. Been in English as well - as far as I remember....
  8. MarcCeon & Hakoom.....
  9. be aware that this is only half a novel and half a dungeon RPG! Guide: To find JP guides (or else) look at my former thread here (I'm not a member there anymore - so I can't edit it):
  10. I give : 1/10! best til second best game I ever played! (offline mode)
  11. nothing at all.......
  12. Already out on US store!
  13. quite not sure if this hint - or hints like this - are allowed here...... but it's known by experienced gamers and trophy hunters. Good luck. Tell me if it worked please....