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  1. I've been asked the last 10 years multiple times if I'd earn trophies for others. I always DENIED. Playing for other poeople - no matter what they will pay - is helping them to CHEAT because they would "earn" trophies which affords the never fullfilled themselves! Playing for money for other people on their accounts is like being a drug dealer.
  2. The moment John Marston DIED was the ONLY game event ever which brought me REALLY to tears...... And well: After the little girl at the beginning of "Last Of Us" died - I stopped playing the game. My daughter had the same age those days and I couldn't go on...
  3. out now
  4. there were guides before but thanks BTW: you're speaking much too fast..... Even for foreigners knowing/speaking french.
  5. ???
  6. I will not even TRY! FUCK DLC's!! 9,99€?? WTF? Never!
  7. totally agree!!
  8. Ich weiß, hab da mitgeholfen. I know, I helped ...
  9. Yes, very funny indeed. But unserious kind of guide writing, unnecessary stuff to read.
  10. ähm ??? no?? Too late for me.... did it before this was visible.... sadly What to win? Which comtepition?
  11. to late
  12. both Singstar digital are to easy to be that rare
  13. Here's a trophy guide for you which works very well:ハロー・レディ-superior-dynamis-trophy-guide/ ENJOY! works for PS Vita AND PS4