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  1. Hello people, I tried to make a guide for this game. Played it 9 times with different options. Tried to use scene skip and did it without. However I do or which options I choose: I always miss the Voice collection trophy. Can anyone tell how to get this one?
  2. Thanks!
  3. because of random CG's...... See the solution here:タユタマ-2-youre-the-only-one-trophy-guide/
  4. works vice versa
  5. Visit on PS3 and start PS4......... Your profile there is online! Once visited on one console you have it on the other because it is the same accout! And:
  6. Hided those games. About Borderlands 2: Look here:äen-leitfaden-borderlands®-2/ Played that game long ago and vnever cheatead. Played in koop with my son those days. And with friends online.
  7. Never cheated Borderlands. WTF?
  8. maxijodi Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Yes that is true. In the beginning years of my trophy hunting I heard about using save games and didn't believe that it would work. Those days I've been staff member of and needed to know if that really works. So I got one to try on a test (dummie) account. As a fault I started it on my own account in 2011. As I recognized that I stopped and because of that never got the Platinum.<br /> Hiding it was not possible those days. <br /> Tell me how to hide and I'll do. Super Destronaut DX Yes they are. I used that known Vita trick but made a fault. I went to trophy list of the "share account" after earning a few trophies and before the platinum or before doing "the trick". After synching to my main not all trophies were synched. The first earned ones were not synched. So I bought this game on a second US account again and tried new. All trophies were synched then but out of order with date unfortunally. I will hide this if needed.
  9. Hello people here is a guide for you:シャレード-マニアクス-trophy-guide/ enjoy
  10. Yes but I like to have it on my own site. Sorry. If it is not allowed I beg your pardon.
  11. Hello together, I wrote a guide for you to follow:フローラル・フローラブ-trophy-guide/ enjoy
  12. In one version of the game I did not get the "save 200 tetra's" trophy after I saved 222 of them! I closed the game, started new, saved 4 more and got it........
  13. kein Problem mein Freund, Danke, für das Video