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  1. A shame they did..... stopping PS2 productions took years more
  2. Ask A shame they can do before release... Just a 100% not a Platinum. So depending to your explanation a bad example made my day
  3. Does not work for me unfortunately Edit: got it. Pressed R3+X on BOTH controllers and it worked. No guide explained that.
  4. My Avatar is even that nice, LOL (joking)
  5. great
  6. Ah never heard about this fact. Thank you.
  7. What a funny game name....... english title with one word in german, lol Luftwaffe = Air Force
  8. sadly I can't go there
  9. Thank you very much, changed release dates at my side
  10. You can always look at my release lists at There will be two releases! EU and NA
  11. agree
  12. those publishers do not know how to make money. Often they put two former releases together to one. Silly
  13. Dragon's Dogma Great Game!
  14. Happy New year PSNP. Please delete all trophy buyers and cheaters next year to be taken serious again.
  15. not sure how many I did this year. Maybe 80 maybe 120 maybe less or more...