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  1. First of all: The horses name is Ostwind (translated: Eastwind), not Windstorm. And the name of the game too... However: tHis game is bugged to the end. Do not ride near a wall or traktor or anything or you will may be not able to move anymore and have to start the last checkpoint. In 11 years I never played such a buggy made game. Developers of this should all lose their job. Handlin is terrible even with changed sensibility. A game made for kids from 3 years on? LMAO!!
  2. This game is so bugged... Unbelievable
  3. OH my fault! I changed new added options which are not shown in the guide for this game. one of this options makes skipping not being interrupt after choosing a choice or location. The other one is for changing between real actors and anime actors.
  4. HK store and it says: Chinese/Korean version there
  5. LOL, no real actors in Asia version yes seen it, thanks
  6. Asia (HK/China/Kor) is out since days but no new stack?
  7. No they are not. Many VN's have the same pictures for multiple trophies and if you missed one you can not search for the picture! But you could search for the name to see where or what you missed.
  8. Great, THANKS BTW: You'll never learn to add trophy names, will you?
  9. no update afaik and I can't confirm what you said above only one thing: do NOT save manually while doing the date trick, just quit the game. However those 2 trophies seems bugged to me... I got them - but it took me some nervs
  10. I do not get Complete Quests Complete a dozen Quests. but did more than 12 yesterday and I did not get EDIT: did one today and got the trophy. Seems bugged a bit Daily Bonus Collect a week of Daily Bonuses. dif but did not get but should have got following the guide above.... EDit: got it after 4 times done
  11. I used that guide. It's good. Some trophy spots are wrong so far and where trophy #20 should pop - for me that one and 3 more including Platinum popped.
  12. Forgotton Anne Closed Nightmare
  13. This 1970 thing happens VERY VERY OFTEN when new trophy lists and games are released. This isn't the first and even not the 10th time I see it.... It will be fixed soon for sure. Game is brandnew so just wait a bit
  14. Yes this week. (US version so far is already out since may be 1 hour)