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  1. nothing at all.......
  2. Already out on US store!
  3. quite not sure if this hint - or hints like this - are allowed here...... but it's known by experienced gamers and trophy hunters. Good luck. Tell me if it worked please....
  4. you have to set your UK account to primary. (activate as) Then you can play it on your US acc. (it doesn't matter if you main account is primary or not on this PS4)
  5. 👍
  6. It seems you are one of those people which have no own children..... IMO It's a good thing to develope some harmless games for (female) children without Zombies and murdering, shooting people.... PS3 and PS4 didn't have much of those in the past. This way some litte female children can enjoy a PS4 in a harmless way.
  7. seems to be THE SAME game as https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8414-bibi-tina-adventures-with-horses but a new stack or am I wrong?
  8. SingStar™ Collect every SingStar™ trophy #23,031 9th Nov 2014 5:28:12 PM 200 Achievers 55,664 Owners 0.36% Ultra Rare Free Realms Champion Earn all trophies #9,397 11th May 2012 6:21:34 PM 276 Achievers 72,396 Owners 0.38% Ultra Rare SingStar™ Collect every SingStar™ trophy #11,945 29th Nov 2012 10:14:22 AM 714 Achievers 155,508 Owners 0.46% Ultra Rare SingStar™ Collect every SingStar™ trophy #23,009 7th Nov 2014 12:14:34 AM 89 Achievers 14,189 Owners 0.63% Ultra Rare Winner Takes All Acquire all hero and villain trophies in the classic game #21,647 19th Aug 2014 4:22:18 PM 706 Achievers 101,322 Owners 0.70% Ultra Rare Winner Takes All Acquire all hero and villain trophies in the classic game #21,649 19th Aug 2014 4:30:51 PM 2,827 Achievers 292,760 Owners 0.97% Ultra Rare
  9. This: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/3041-singstar/1-singstar 55,494Game Owners 196 (0.35%)Platinum Achievers
  10. every time you change options in a visual novel and head out: go in again and check
  11. seems you didn't save the estimated changed options and play with standard options
  12. How often again this question? A bit self searching google/experience would have been helped before asking
  13. I've been asked the last 10 years multiple times if I'd earn trophies for others. I always DENIED. Playing for other poeople - no matter what they will pay - is helping them to CHEAT because they would "earn" trophies which affords the never fullfilled themselves! Playing for money for other people on their accounts is like being a drug dealer.
  14. The moment John Marston DIED was the ONLY game event ever which brought me REALLY to tears...... And well: After the little girl at the beginning of "Last Of Us" died - I stopped playing the game. My daughter had the same age those days and I couldn't go on...
  15. out now