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  1. Is everything reasonably doable while playing with randoms?
  2. Prospectively, I think this will have a positive impact, as it is very unlikely that games of 3rd party publishers would have different trophy lists for Xbox and PS. So gotta applaud Xbox for doing this. Retrospectively however, I do not see how this affects older games.
  3. Haha, I actually want to buy it for the jokes of it, but it is getting expensive over here in the UK.
  4. Do not disrespect the Hannah Montana game like that!!! That game is the OG GOAT
  5. Yes, Ascension is the first chronological game. Play it last if you want to go with release order but I see no point in playing it after GoW 3.
  6. My general rule of thumb is playing games in release order, however, in the case of God Of War, I would not recommend this: 1) Ascension: Do not skip this game, it is not the best by God of War standards, but on its own, it is great. I am putting this first because it does not add much to the story, and if you play this after the magnificent GOW3, you will be disappointed story-wise (which I suppose is the main reason many people hated this game along with gameplay changes). 2) Chains of Olympus: Put this before Gow 1 because this game gives a good understanding as to why Kratos is not so fond of gods 3) GoW (2005) 4) Ghost of Sparta: Once again, do not play this after 3 because you would want 3 to be the end of the OG storyline. An excellent game both in terms of story and gameplay. 5) Gow 2 6) Gow 3 (I put 2 and 3 back to back because they directly follow each other, I think it is best not to put anything in between) Bonus: Gow Betrayal- 2D side-scrolling mobile game, hailed as the best in the series. Haven't had the pleasure to play this one.
  7. Somebody call the PSNProfiles police!!!
  8. I have to agree that auto pops are free trophies in the literal sense- they give you access to another platinum trophy you otherwise did not earn. Showelware crap, on the other hand, is technically a "game" you have played, regardless of how low effort they are, by virtue of being individual games they constitute a reason for earning trophies for it. Therefore I do not think the effort argument holds up, after all not all platinum lists, thankfully, are not created equally, nor should the value of a game should be based on the extent of effort it takes to earn the platinum, as long as you play it (which is not the case for auto-popped games).
  9. Man not trying to be rude, but you should use paragraphs more lol. To anyone just visiting the thread, I'll recommend playing the original releases first and then remakes, reboots, reimaginings etc. My only exception to this rule of thumb would be if there is a significant time lap between the OG release and the remake (such as REmake - RE1, RE2 (2019) - RE2 ps1) but this does not apply for Dead Space as the PS3 version still holds up.
  10. Infected is a hilarious way to put it haha love it
  11. I guess I rushed by buying BF 1942 and DLCs for BC2 and Mirror's Edge, but it is good to see that they are still available for download. I wonder when will they get delisted?
  12. When you buy the game, it should give you a full game access license about the size of 100KB. At least, that's how it was for me.
  13. We are in a trophy-hunting website dedicated to people who care about digital achievements. Do you expect us to discuss world politics or something lmao
  14. It is also available in the Turkish store with Far Cry Blood Dragon. I advise using PsDeals website on web browser to check availability in other regions. The game is not available physically, what is your point lol