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  1. Edit: thanks guys, got it!
  2. Glitch is not needed, for Elessa complete the Eternal Queen heroic gear set, select the right side of the God Skill tree for a 'tank' like build. Focus on health regen and poison skills. The full set gives you a poison aura and the spinning blader skill doesn't cost you skillpoint which you can use for other skills.
  3. Same problem here.. The version I got is the one with the other trophylist (the one listed as PS4 only and without the "Curious" trophy) but it says on the PS Store I bought the cross-buy bundle. Maybe that's a part of the problem as well.. I really hope this gets solved, this game is perfect for PS Vita! Edit: just tested the PS3 version; that one does have the Curious trophy listed.. Weird
  4. Not easy at all, this game and its trophies are extremely hard.
  5. The trophylists for DC Universe Online (DCUO) seems to be bugged. The game has a total of 108 trophies atm but the site isn't showing the total number or a ranking. Would be nice if this can be fixed