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  1. Hi there My name's Lucas , aka Colder. I live in Portugal but i'm Argentine. I think some members here know me as C0lder from other forums. I've been using this website alot to track down trophies and stuff. Hope i can meet some cool people here to play with .
  2. I'm interested on your offers. I got Splinter Cell Trilogy HD Collection on Psn. Interested?
  3. I really like the "Portal Gun" video of FreddieW. This commercial looks good but there's better ones
  4. The Last Of Us. Devil May Cry (Huge fan) MGR: Revengeance. GTA V. DMC HD Collection. Darksiders 2. Hitman Absolution.
  5. Im more into Heavy Metal,Rap,Jazz. Dubstep just doesn't sound right.