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  1. I actually got this last night as well. Took me bloody ages but with practice you'll get it. You'll know the track with your eyes closed.Turned down the handling a few bars and job done. I hardly used the brake either. Just ease of the throttle, turn then boot it again.
  2. Yep :-)
  3. Luckily I already got that one. Just the warfare matches getting on my t*ts.
  4. You are a star!!! I've just tested this (not that I doubted you of course) and can also confirm it works. Also for getting "around the world" :-)
  5. I got a few MW2 - I suck at spec ops Black ops - I also suck at Zombies Gta 5 - just need level 100. Waiting for another double rp weekend :-)
  6. Oh yes :-D
  7. It doesn't annoy me as much as watching them play it. Pressing all the buttons as fast as they can and moving their body's as if it's gonna make a difference :-S
  8. I couldn't sign in at all last night because of the issues but still had my trophies pop for both driveclub and far cry 4.
  9. I would say it's just as easy.
  10. Mine was To Live Or Die In Los Santos.
  11. Plat #13. Burnout Paradise. Thoroughly enjoyed
  12. Added to basket ready for download when I get home after work. Thanks :-)
  13. My one and only ps4 game http://frugalgaming.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/farcry4_ps4.jpg OK. That didn't work :-/
  14. Nice review :-) I only got my playstation 4 earlier this week as a console only bundle and after looking at all the games that were in stock at the time I picked this game as my very first ps4 experience. After enjoying FC3 on ps3. Although I've only scratched the surface with this game I'm loving it so far. Not come across any honey badgers yet though :-o