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  1. It took me a couple of tries but I made it through by not leaning out of the window as much as possible at the beginning of the chase and using med kits when needed later on. I had not maxed out my health starting NG+ and had yet to unlock the last two health bar perks by killing two lieutenants. I would advise doing quests in John's and Faith's region and killing them first, thus unlocking the perks and max out your healthbar before doing anything in Jacob's territory. It makes doing Jacob's trials easier. Still hard, but a bit easier and less frustrating. Oh yes, wat my successor mentioned about the weapons from the Mars dlc is true. Using these made it much more easy. Forgot to mention. Although unfortunately you can't use them in Jacob's trials.F
  2. Had the same problem. Tried to connect every day since and today the connection was finally reestablished. Playing now continuously for the last trophies.