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  1. Judging by other comments, I probably should have deleted the game saves prior to starting the PS5 version of the game. Didn't realize that the game saves automatically transferred (usually an upload, download) and now the trophies have popped in a bizarre way. All but 5 auto popped. Don't understand how it can auto pop complete act 3 in different ways but not any of the act 1 trophies. Just a pre-warning for others. I was actually looking forward to replaying the game but this has kinda destroyed the desire..
  2. Waiting for the new Tiny Tina game at the moment!
  3. Walnut Nathan Drake or Joel (TLOU)
  4. Yeah! If you had the chance to stand atop a flying plane would you?
  5. Never played either so I'll go for No. 4 🤣 Drive Club or Project Cars
  6. To this day, No Man's Sky is still my biggest full priced preorder regret. It single handedly stopped me pre-ordering any other games.
  7. Nope Would you go skydiving?
  8. A Way Out
  9. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night The Witcher 3 or Skyrim?
  10. There's so many on yours that I would be jealous of, but The Last of Us sticks out the most just down to the difficulty trophies! (My new profile is still pretty bare for whomever comes next 😂)
  11. Are you still be chance doing this?
  12. I'm currently replaying Borderlands 3 (only 3-4 trophies auto-pop) then will likely move onto redoing Watch Dogs Legion.