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  1. Try doing the quest for Wish-Ender, the trophy popped for me after doing the '???' mission in the Tangled Shore. I believe you can accept the quest from the kiosk in the tower, and the mission appears in the destinations menu after finishing shattered throne.
  2. Yes, it works from PS5->PS4 as well, I tried it with a few of the forsaken trophies.
  3. List for the ps5 version is live over on exophase: Looks like an identical list, right down to the 31 dlcs.
  4. Got it, thanks!
  5. I'm going to nominate Quikdrawjoe and his Warframe guide. His guide is concise and well written, but I'm more impressed by his commitment to cover every new update. While many guides are 'one and done', Warframe has been getting new free trophies all year and he's stayed with it.
  6. You should check out Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Its a great game, made by the studio doing the new Devil May Cry