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  1. It's not out until March 26th and it's probably Limited Run Release.
  2. So I've turning in my Countermeasures for the Astral Tactician trophy. But now for some reason everytime I try to turn in or even abandon the countermeasures my game crashes. Has anyone else experience this problem?
  3. A wacky list
  4. Needs this trophy...."Wow thats big!!!" (Install all 100GB worth of data on your HDD) lol
  5. I'm Terribly Sorry I'm going to have to kill you now.
  6. I need help with this trophy as it's preventing me from Platinum. Where are all 6 gears in Twilight Harbor? Any help will be appreciated.
  7. So whats everyone's thoughts on this plat. And how many Regions will this spread. And Why do we have to kill Butterflies?
  8. a Game Boy game has a Platinum?
  9. Interesting less PVP Trophies. No beating Maps 10 times
  10. Also July 2nd was the day I was born. And now I'm a proud trophy hunter. Now I know trophies were destined to be in my blood.
  11. Where's Red Faction Member trophy? Our Second Gold trophy?
  12. I hope this isn't a 1000 Top Rated Shinnagans and it gets pulled because of trophy whoring. I mean a game is a game and if you promise to deliver something on that date then it should be delivered.
  13. Is this really a new trophy list? Which Region does it belong too?
  14. Is it longer then 1000 Top Rated? lol
  15. EU gets it on the 21st