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  1. Damn. I guess thats why the other 4 trophies popped but not the Master of All You Survey. And your right I had to start a new character in order to get said buggy trophies.
  2. Which trophies are glitch? Also someone told me the reason for the trophy glitching is because we transfer our saves from the PS4 version. Is that true?
  3. How does this game go from Racing to Space Fighting?
  4. I almost want to get this cuz it's a GODFALL platinum LMAO
  5. I over 75% done. And I've been using Base PS4. The only bug I haven't gotten was Loading textures.
  6. Free game for Plus on PS4 and Ps5 which is Day and Date, But it's Battle Royal which means I wont be touching it.
  7. Just Got the trophy FINALLY!! What I did was erase my Profile then did All 5 HARM missions. When I did the 5th one thats when it popped.
  8. I did all 5 and got no trophy. Obviously did before patch. Looks like We'll have to wait for another patch so hopefully trophy will retroactivate.
  9. As of now I've gotten all the trophies. The only one that eludes me is the F&*%$ng HARM trophy which is HARMing my Platinum. I might as well not touch this game until ANOTHER patch comes out. Crystal Dynamics and Square are Jokes. they should've made this game with a Simultaneous release with PS4/PS5 and so forth.
  10. I loaded up the Update. The only glitch trophy I got was The Best Defense which retro activate. Did a HARM Mission no trophy pop. Did HARM Missions I-V No trophy pop I have over 80+ Intelligent Files. Pick up two more no trophy pop I just did 2 Villain Sectors. No trophy pop. Has anyone been having similar issues?
  11. I tried this when this was a free game on Stadia. 100 hour trophy is ridiculous. o and FYI using cheats won't count for increasing time.
  12. It's not out until March 26th and it's probably Limited Run Release.
  13. So I've turning in my Countermeasures for the Astral Tactician trophy. But now for some reason everytime I try to turn in or even abandon the countermeasures my game crashes. Has anyone else experience this problem?
  14. A wacky list
  15. Needs this trophy...."Wow thats big!!!" (Install all 100GB worth of data on your HDD) lol