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  1. The witcher 3
  2. Rise of the tomb raider.
  3. Uncharted golden abyss
  4. The saboteur got tired of doing the perks but I wish I finished it now
  5. Assassins creed origins
  6. PSN BigApe101 PS4,PS3 and VITA. Leave a message if you like or blank I don't mind
  7. I guess I'm going to need a protein shake o.0
  8. I recommend sleeping dogs it's fun, I think it's 60 trophies it takes about 20-25 hours on the ps3 version about 35 hours on the ps4 version, so 120 trophies. Don't forget to try the pork buns.
  9. About 12,000 something AH SHIT
  10. At the moment drive club the aggressive AI are getting me aggressive
  11. Thanks for the great matchup Toxi, you really pushed me to my limit but I couldn't prevail. But it's algood I got some backlog cleared cheers.
  12. Soilwork: Antidotes in passing
  13. Jesus that was a close score between me and my opponent congrats, but I did notice a small mistake in the table it was me who earned the platinum sorry to be a nuisance.
  14. You get them when you play the new world tournament,I got the trophies while doing the c rank tournament you have to hit the pig ton ton to activate the orbs during the tournament battle .
  15. Thanks for the reply I have changed the time zone now. Cheers