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  1. I’ve seen people complain they pay for a game and don’t get enough value yet here you get a game and get tons of value and replay-ability but people still complain 🤔 We must be living in an social experiment or something.
  2. I’ve left it on while sleeping, playing PS3/4, watching Netflix etc and it’s only paused twice. Not sure what it causes it tbh sorry. I just check on it every so often.
  3. I’ve left mine running for over 30 hours and occasionally quit and restarted in case that helps it to catch up or whatever, really wanted a first 50 achiever for this great game but that’s looking out of reach now sucks considering every other trophy was done a few days ago. Got no idea what’s going on. While playing normally it took just under 2 minutes to run 1 KM. 30 hours is 1800 minutes divide that by 2 it’s 900 (so 900KM ran from just rubber banding), on top of that you obviously run more than 60KM just playing the game doing every other trophy. Kinda worrying at this point.
  4. Favourite collectors edition so far but I feel horizon forbidden west will take that spot soon. Don’t know how to embed images on here but it’s the Dying Light 2 Collectors Edition😆
  5. Update just came out and I can confirm you have to re do the requirements. I had to do 10 more observer assists for the trophy.
  6. To address some of this, missable collectibles in the prologue yes stupid. Missable collectibles related to choices? I believe you can revert decisions after completing the story for clean up so while they’re missable in a certain aspect they’re actually not 🙂. In terms of the inhibitors I don’t think people understand how it works you are NOT locked out of any skills! Put 4 points into health and 7 into stamina this will allow you to unlock ALL skills in the game. From that point you should have enough health and Stamina to do basically everything in the game. I know this because this is how I’ve done it I’ve nearly maxed both skill trees and only have 7 points in stamina and 4 in health.
  7. Hello everyone I thought I’d give my experience of this game a written review/first thoughts and go through MY experience with the game. With all the negativity surrounding the game I thought why not add some positivity to the mix and some honest thoughts. As we’re on a trophy site I’ll address the trophies first. As most people can see it’s stuck quite a controversy on this site I want to address the missables first. 3 missable collectibles in the prologue which you cannot go back too is dumb if you could go back no problem but you can’t. ———Other missable trophies, the inhibitors trophies, see the thing is when you read the PowerPyx guide it makes you think you absolutely cannot use inhibitors but the thing is you can! I used 7 points on stamina and 4 on health. This gave me enough health and enough stamina to do most tasks any task I had a shortfall of stamina on an endurance booster did the trick. So yeah that trophy is no where near as bad it’s being made to be I’m just over halfway through the game and almost done with this trophy which after it’s done I’ll administer the points however I feel. ——— The trophy for giving all 7 water towers and electrical substations to one faction a lot of people might disagree it’s stupid it’s missable yes but honestly in my opinion the Peacekeeper upgrades are useless the survivor ones actually make a difference with the mobility options you acquire not to mention sharing the facilities would make for a dumb story in my opinion as one second your best friends with the Survivors then the Peacekeepers would just make for a weird storyline but that’s just my opinion. ———Now let’s address what the most important thing is the gameplay! So I’ll be honest here I couldn’t stomach more than 1 play through of the first game to me it was just dead island with parkour however I do understand majority loved it and fair enough, but we’re here to talk about dying light 2. For me even right at the start this game has done everything the first game did but 100X better. This game is dead island with parkour elevated to a whole another level this game has more substance than the first. The weapons feel uniquely different and the mods are more fun than you could ever imagine. Applying the fling mod to a bat and launching zombies to another planet is both hilarious and has you feeling damn I really did that at the same time. I cannot describe how once you get a few upgrades into the parkour skill tree smooth and seamless the parkour feels, doing combos from a wall run to a double jump to using your paraglider to fly through the air into a skyscraper full of zombies which you then clear and climb to the roof to claim a save point the flow is immaculate. You’ve heard of “only in battlefield moments”, well I feel this rule applies to this game as an “only in dying light 2”, moment”. ——— Perhaps one of the most important things in an open world game is the side quests because let’s be honest go fetch this and fetch that is boring right? Yeah it is but this games side quests are very different you do get the occasional fetch this quest but over 30 hours of gameplay and I can’t say I’ve felt that feeling of “Oh another side quest I’d rather not do”, instead I want to do them all! Once again another great job by Techland. ——— Most reviewers said the main story is lackluster compared to the first, however I disagree in this game you get to build different relationships through your dialogue options, your decisions do affect your game and the story makes sense, it flows it has it twists, it tugs on your heart strings, it makes you feel anger, you want revenge all these different emotions whereas in my honest opinion the first games story just felt like “World gone to crap bad guy must kill the end”. However I do understand the following DLC made the original shine. So yes in my opinion I completely disagree with 99% of reviewers. ——— Now let’s address the big one BUGS. I’m sure everyone seen the complaints about the bugs? But what we all forget is a lot of us ARE loving the game and enjoying and we’re spending our time playing it not complaining about it, trophy hunting is a niche to begin with so on a site full of trophy hunters you’re more likely to see complaints more often because the pool of people is already so small! Yes there’s people posting on Reddit and Twitter too but a lot of the complaints are not needed if your game dropped 1 frame in 10 hours of gameplay do you really need to complain about that. However on the flipside I know there’s bugs out there I’ve only experienced one and it was launching myself under the admittedly I did it on purpose 😂 . But then on the other side the game should have launched in a more stable state of course it did have a rocky development as well know but still they’ve had time and I can honestly accept and agree it that. There’s a multitude of bugs from trophies not popping to textures not loading to quests not progressing. Yes of course let Techland know post on these forums but the people consistently fear mongering and driving people away from this incredible game is however I feel definitely not fair. The actual bugs and issues is actually a much smaller pool of people than it seems. Yes it’s annoying having to backup saves every few story missions but what can we do except wait Techland have acknowledged this and it will be fixed. I also get it’s frustrating not being able to join friends and this should have been working from the start, but those who can would attest it’s a great experience, ——— FINAL VERDICT I want to close this by saying from disliking the first game to loving this one Techland have done an amazing job you can feel the love and I don’t feel ripped off I bought the physical collectors edition at all it was worth every penny which Techland deserve they’ve created an immersive world which only gets better the more you explore and unlock the more things open up the more you want to play. If you’re afraid of bugs don’t get the game now and get it when it’s fixed on sale but still I felt it’s 100% worth every penny. I’ve listed the positives and the negavties and given a non biased opinion what people decide to do is up to them this game deserves a 9/10 and I hope many more people experience what I have. ——— Finally I feel this is VERY IMPORTANT after completing the game I’ve read online you can revert story decisions to clean up missables once again showing this plat is no where near as bad it’s being made to be. I hope everyone who’s played enjoyed it and whoever hasn’t that you will in the near future thanks for reading. Goodnight and good luck.
  8. I’m honestly really enjoying it, just doing every side quest and spamming R3 to see any collectibles in side quest areas. Doesn’t seem like there’s actually much missable areas anyways tbh. I also in my 5 hours so far have had 0 bugs like at all which is great 😂 I can see it’s frustrating missing out on trophies but besides that it’s an amazing game does everything the first one did and 100 times better. Wow I feel dumb for not thinking of it like that 😑 I’ve been playing and some of the windmills are impossible because of the lack of stamina but not anymore thanks to you! Still can’t believe I was just attempting the whole game 0 upgrades 😂
  9. Hit my first silver promotion last night so what’s that only 22 more total to go? 😂 But in all seriousness the game is fun so it hurts less and yep 10000% you’ll end up doing way more than 500 missions before 4 gold promos, I hit silver 1 with I think 188 missions so you do the maths 😭
  10. Hey, the deep dives can be made pretty easy because they’re the exact same every-time minus where enemies might spawn and how many might spawn (enemy spawner locations are concrete). The normal deep dives are on hazard 3-4 so I feel they don’t need any explaining but the elite deep dive is much more difficult. Level 1 is hazard 4.5, 2 is 5 and 3 is 5.5. Now because it’s a set seed what I would do is do some “throwaway games”, by this I mean id solely play a few games to learn the spawns of the enemy spawners, nitra and the mission objective items. I feel this is crucial because the longer you wait the more enemies you’ll have to fight and possibly multiple bulk detonaters which happened to me. Once I felt I had stage one down I’d go to stage 2 and do the same figure out the best strategy and have a path ready to be as quick and efficient as possible. Finally I feel the elite deep dive solo is really hard without the correct overclocks atm, so what I did was wait until I had the beer which gives you 30% extra health, wait for randoms to join my lobby and tell them all to drink it. 3/4 of us had mics and this was crucial, once the game started we all go to our own tasks. Me playing the gunner I was controlling the crowds of enemies and spawners. 1 engineer was grabbing the aquaroq and the other engineer was grabbing the morkite and the other gunner was getting nitra. Delegating tasks allowed us to clear the stages with little to no problems because it meant rather than taking forever and dealing with 5 plus swarms in a stage we dealt with 2 max. That’s all there is to It I feel like grab a team with mics suitable classes (this will change depending on the dives every week which is why I’ve gave general tips) That 30% extra health beer is a game changer. Other than that just take a few games to learn the stage and have a plan which you and your team stick too. No worries I’m glad you’re enjoying it.
  11. Hello everyone, I’ve had quite a few messages on PSN and discord asking about this game and various questions, so I figured why not make a hub of sorts where most of them can answered and just a general place for tips to get people started! A lot of this will be from a playing solo perspective which is essentially what I’ve done for most of the game relating to anything to do with difficulty I have played a decent of co op so I will offer so I will offer advice from that POV wherever I can. Most of what works in solo works in co op you just have more people to account for. I will list some of my tips and experiences with the game so far and hopefully you can find something here useful so here goes let’s start with the class I’m personally using and my tips and how I play him everything listed below will be from my perspective, if anyone has anything to add or information they want to add please comment. Gunner - The class I’m using, I would use him if you’re going for a tank/DPS build , his traversal tool is a grappling hook. The gunner has a LMG and a shotgun pistol as his 2 starting weapons (IMO the best from any weapons you unlock later). Gunners an all around class and personally doesn’t feel like he’s hindered anywhere except for crowd control it’s not very good multiple enemies coming at you at once you can really see the weakness at times when on hazard 4 difficulty you get really easily overwhelmed often having to use a shield and grenade to take control of the situation. When you’re playing co op the gunner works super well with a driller using cryogenic rounds because they will freeze enemies in place and the gunner can then use the shotgun pistol with damage attachments and ammo to pump as many powerful shots as possible super quick in a short amount of time dealing crazy good damage even to dreadnoughts and other armoured enemies. Weapon attachments - I personally used extra ammo, stun and more damage armour piercing could be another good choice depending what area your mission is in the what works for me may not work for you so play around and see what you can get to work with! ( I would suggest if you wanna test builds out stick any mission on hazard 3/4 difficulty and see how it fares for you try out different combo with ammo types perhaps pairing stun rounds with explosive or using the scare rounds to scare enemies away). Just have fun and test a few different things out you have plenty of time on that way to 500 missions competed! Understanding missions - So this is something that confused the heck out me, first of all I’ll talk about “hazard level”. This is the difficulty the way I see it is level 1 is “very very easy”, level 2 is “very easy, level 3 is easy”, then all of a sudden IMO level 4 takes a bit of a jump to very hard and level 5 is really damn hard. What’s different between these 5 levels of hazard is the enemies health, the lower the level the less health enemies have and less damage you’ll take (playing co op scales this on all difficulties), you then will have probably noticed the triangles whenever you’re choosing a mission, 1 orange triangle is a simple cave, 2 is a fairly complex cave and 3 is a really complex cave system (although a lot of the times they really aren’t too bad). This was something that confused me a lot and can hopefully bring clarity to some people. Next to is the footstep symbol indicating the distance 1, low walking/distance required all the way up to 3 which is a fair amount of distance while in mission to complete the objective. Lastly you’ll have either red or yellow triangles on missions sometimes hover over them to find out what effect each one has. A few quick solo tips 1. Your friendly AI robot companion can be directed to mine objectives items for you, for example on an egg hunt? Is there any egg really far up and it’s a risky fall well no problem pull out that laser pointer and aim at the egg tag it with R2 and Boscos will fetch the egg for you and will keep a hold of it for you same with other items like jazdiz or aquaros!!! (But be beware commanding him to do something will prompt him to drop the item so wait for him to come to you and take it off him or get him to drop it close by). 2. You can customise Boscos, remember how I said gunner paired with cryogenic works a treat well equip some cryogenic rockets onto Boscos and pair with the gunners pistol shotgun for a treat. 3. Use the terminal in your station to equip the thorns perk to damage back anyone who attacks you automatically this works an absolute treat. Some general tips - 1. Keep an eye out for gems in the walls or on the ground, bittergem is a sort of super bright magenta colour you can also find golden gems which will lead to a compressed golden chunk (gems are the super small ones you’ll notice them in the dark easily as they shine really bright), finally spikey grey bits with a glitching effect for alien artefacts! KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THEM! Finding them as you go along will save you so much time during the end game grind. 2. Craft dark morkite beer and drink it, using this before a mining mission will allow you to quickly and effectively finish it as you every-time you farm morkite under the effects of this beer you will get more for every piece you farm, this is extremely useful on harder difficulties. 3. XP gains from minerals, that’s right every minerals you farm gives you bonus XP, I would try to get as much nitra during missions as I can or any other useful mineral used for crafting for crazy XP bonuses at the end from 1K - 3K XP depending how much you get during the mission not to mention XP is shared in co op so if you as a team get a bunch of minerals mined the whole team gets that’s nice bonus no matter how much you individually contribute. 4. The drillers flamethrower can damage enemies such as the dreadnought even without hitting its weak spot same with the cryogenic weapon. 5. Use the terminal in your room to check milestones which you get stars from completing then turn them into perks which you can equip at the equipment station. 6. Resupply drops also fill a generous portion of your health! Keep an eye on this next time you use one to see. 7. All your equipment can be upgraded including shields if you’re playing co op with friends co ordinate upgrades to get longer shields but also more overall shields (one upgrade each). That is most of the information I have at the moment from my experience I did manage to finish the deep dive solo but I feel that information wouldn’t help at this point as practically no one has gotten that far, feel to message me here or PSN if anyone has any questions and hopefully once I have the plat I can make my first ever guide and hopefully a good one at that for this game! Thanks for reading.
  12. Hey, if I’m being honest the only one I don’t think anyone could get naturally or would very difficult to get naturally is “car pool”, the chances of playing with randoms or even friends would be hard to do without co ordination. As for this everyone gets progress for missions completed. The barrel trophies are shared too, killing enemy types as long as you put damage, the 3 mineral related ones, kick 10 barrels if someone does it just kick 1 more and the 3000 points if one person gets the 3K just get 1 more point to get, put barrels in launch and drop pod are shared too. So in conclusion you get progress or unlock the majority of stuff for other players actions 👍🏽
  13. Thank you! Thanks for your nice comments and that is true with it possibly not being supported in a year but the way they’ve gone about it the past 2 years I’d honestly say it’s safe but of course no one could ever know and the time to 100% can be way lower if people utilise just joining games at the end ofc not the most fun way but the most efficient but still would you leave at 200-300 hours which is still quite a lot! Hey not quite literally everything is shared there’s still things you have to do yourself, I meant as in like the rare minerals trophies, fixing MULES and dreadnought trophies are shared progress. I know this because someone in my game picked up an alien artefact but I have 1/5 progress for it. I managed to get “Party time”, while not being the host which according to TA was a host only trophy 🤔 Thank you very much!
  14. Hello, I thought I’d share my initial thoughts after playing the game for 16 hours so far. First of all I’d highly suggest not being deterred from the plat you can make it no where near the 500+ hours that’s supposedly required. If you really felt like you got everything out of the game you can filter missions and join in near the end and get full XP and reward this will lower the time exponentially ( however I’d recommend doing this only when you have gold promotions left), why? The reason being this game truly is an experience if it’s not obvious enough from my profile I love FPS, after seeing the trailers and gameplay for this game I thought it would be a pile of crap… wow was I wrong so let’s get into it. This game is advertised and sold as a full co op experience which it is don’t get me wrong but for all you people thinking solo isn’t an option it IS, I’ve played 10 out of my 16 hours solo the other 6 just playing with randoms and I’ll tell you this game is the perfect put some music on and just play game. Solo of course will be more difficult (I found the hard way doing the 3 dreadnoughts in 30 seconds trophy solo), but it’s just as fun as co op, pulling off some crazy manoeuvres with the zip line to get an what you think is an unreachable pile of gold is just as fulfilling doing it solo as it is with your team mates watching you. This game is intense solo. Hazard zone 4 when you’re fighting dreadnoughts is an experience I can’t put on any other game fighting to your last bit of ammo and shields and having to run to that drop pod is the scariest run of your life 😂 that’s the solo experience so let’s talk about the co op. The co op experience is the solo experience just amplified and you have your friends/team mates with you. I can’t quite describe how funny it is watching your team mates accidentally dismount a zip line from 100 metres in the air and fall to their death needing a revive, either that or the one who thinks they’re Batman using the grappling hook to fly into the air and of course miss and fall to their death too 😂 that’s not the only humour the banter between the dwarves while limited but when spoken is hilarious. This game works extremely well and is the ultimate co op experience, delegating tasks to your team mates and splitting up to mine but re grouping to hold off that swarm is just as intense the first time and the next 50 times I’ve done it. Also what I love is basically everything is SHARED!!! What do I mean? We’re on a trophy website so let me tell you that for the trophies for example the damned RNG minerals (bittergem, alien artefacts and compressed gold chunks), if ONE member collects them everyone gets the progress same for many other trophies. I feel a lot of people didn’t or don’t know this and this could put them off this game. The sound and level design is amazing some of it feels like something straight out of Returnal which I’m personally all for, some of the cave systems are extremely intricate and will you have turning your head thinking where TF am I but that’s part of the game you just pull out your scanner and plot your course back on track! The weapons all feel different and unique nothing feels the same. There’s a bunch of different mission types to choose from too there’s always something to do honestly I can’t describe how well made this game is. The game so far hasn’t had or showcased any bugs from itself to me it runs extremely well and looks beautiful on the PS5, it’s cross platform so you can play with your PS4 friends and vice Versa. One more thing I’d like to touch on is the randoms. From what I’ve gathered everyone is new and if someone messes up they’re extremely nice and I even managed to go on mic a few times to get people to do trophies. If you like PS5 accolades which I do I’m sure you’ll get a bunch from this game. I would honestly say if you think this game is some extreme grind don’t, give it a chance and play it, it’s no where near the 500 hours that’s going around if you don’t want it to be. This is an incredibly fun and unique experience and it’s a shame people will miss out because “the plat takes too long, just think of it like this you don’t have to get the plat now in a week a month or a year. Play this amazing game and experience what a lot of us are experiencing and I’m sure you’ll change your mind you’ll get the plat whenever you get it and if that’s what really matters to you, you’ll get it just put in the time and effort and the game will reward you with a ton of memories and the plat I’m sure. I would like to add there are deep dives which are a part of the DLC (included with the game). The elite deep dive is supposed to be a really fun and difficult challenge (think of destiny raids), I personally can’t wait to get my dwarf promoted and try these out. There’s something here for everyone if you wanna be casual or go hard at it and see if you can tackle the challenges the game offers. Thanks for reading everyone, hopefully I can sway a few minds.
  15. It’s really strange how I’ve just played through the game and the fact it doesn’t have a plat didn’t affect my enjoyment. Grow up.