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  1. Weird, I'm actually doing the Weekly challenges (25 SvsM wins) and so far all is good but it takes a while because it takes 2 rounds instead of one as most of the Vs modes. Hope this was solved eventually, this game is very good. I'll miss this MP tbh
  2. So this game cannot be plat anymore?
  3. I want to give it a try but How many people are needed for the multiplayer? I have already 2 friends beside me. But is the Mp difficult? Requires Online Pass? I didn't even started the game and have it awaiting for me since some years ago lol. Really appreciate any advices to take the multiplayer, I guess co-op can be done Split-Screen with a friend if I'm not wrong
  4. Actually playing it and I love it, didn't know about this game until checking it was leaving PSPlus Extra.
  5. Just bought the game, I watched some gameplays and even if the game isn't polished for some reason catched my attention and ended up watching more and more until I make my decision to buy it. So I haven't checked yet but there's no guides or useful info about this little game? If you have some tips or tricks you can share with me I would really appreciate it, started to follow you here bro, hopefully we can talk more about this game that for some reason isn't played by many yet.
  6. So this trophy is cumulative, am i right? Because I just finished the game and I did battle enemies from time to time because of the mini levels you can get before gaining a Summon star (Boss Battle). I just started the game in new game + and got the first extra ending (Developers one) and Of course I'm going for a second whole game because I really love it... I assume I'll get the trophy eventually...
  7. I just did today's challenges without problems. I also believe this game online servers won't last much (Maybe until next year, but who knows).
  8. Indeed, that's weird. I was exited to pre-order it but the only option is to add it to wish list, nothing more. Can't wait to see the whole trophy list and replay this gem.
  9. Online Still works, it seems PS4 version have some issues (Sometimes you don't get a copy you won). Isn't something that should keep you away from the game but keep this in mind because I was raging in hate when it happened to me without any reason. If you're going to start this game I suggest you do it ASAP, reach level 7 of Awesomness to unlock the 4 challenges and start the grind.
  10. Yeah, I managed myself to get almost Gold cups everytime, sometimes a Silver but that isn't so often. Guess I'll have to contact Ubisoft about this issue.
  11. So for the third time since I've been doing daily and weekly challenges, I didn't get a golden cup. It seems this is happening (PS4 Version) since servers issues weeks ago. Thing is, I did the 2 daily challenges and next day I only claimed one, Why is beyond me but I want to know if someone maybe knows what's going on or if this is something that usually happens and I don't have to worry about because to be honest this is being a nightmare, I have a friend who's doing challenges as well and he had the same problems, same day with the same challenges.
  12. So this game can be self boosted with 2 PS4's?
  13. It isn't as terrible as you would think and since it doesn't have online trophies worth a try. Actually playing it...
  14. I still can't connect with Ubisoft servers. Hope it'll be fixed soon
  15. Wondering about trophies, hopefully it won't be an easy platinum! would be awesome if they made this a challenge.