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  1. Wish I could even remember if that was the one that triggered it, as all of the special models are listed as speaking to Geppetto as an unlock requirement. This was over three years ago.
  2. Thanks. All I can remember is that I'd spoken to Geppetto and suddenly got the trophy to pop. Not sure how, or even why.
  3. KitsuneChaos Kingdom Hearts Not entirely how this had triggered; I just remember noticing and even commenting about it at the time. Sadly, I don't have any screenshots, as it was several years ago. My apologies. EDIT: Not sure why the proper formatting doesn't follow-up when making it from the dispute window; I edited it to try to follow the proper policy.
  4. Yep -- that's the dummy I was referring to. Goes down way quicker than the rest.
  5. The Lvl 1s don't appear to make much of a difference, to be quite honest; they barely budged for me. I just wish I'd also checked the entire room before missing one small corner.
  6. Playing with my lvl 21 Ghost Rider, I stayed at the Lvl 60 Raid Boss Dummy and it took nearly 20-25 mins. Then I realized that there was a DPS dummy, and beat that one in 3 mins. *facepalm*
  7. Just added my 8 TB Expansion Drive to the PS4.
    Lovin' it.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. snowprolegend


      I'm getting one.

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Damn, that's awesome dude :).

    4. NERVergoproxy


      Wow, that is... HUGE!:eyebrow:



  8. 71 World Ascensions into Clicker Heroes -- yet I feel like I haven't made much progress past where I was after 5 or 6.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KitsuneChaos


      Probably an average of about 30? Highest was 55. Usually ascended at around 185; Idle build.

    3. kuuhaku


      Have you been investing in the ancients? They'll get you further and more souls with each run.

    4. KitsuneChaos


      Argaiv Lvl 5, Dogcog Lvl 16, Dora Lvl 13, Libertas Lvl 15, Mammon Lvl 15, Siyalatas Lvl 16, Solomon Lvl 15, and Kumawakamaru Maxed.

  9. Just 8 more rubies until I get a freebie. Don't feel like doing a standard ascension just yet.
  10. Actually, that one isn't glitched. I have zero experience to this game prior to starting two days ago, so I figured I'd give it a shot, and it unlocked when I made the purchase.
  11. Don't think it'd have become cost productive for them to perfect a last generation device.
  12. Bueno: No bueno:
  13. If it arrives, and the PS button doesn't have the PlayStation logo: dead giveaway. That's generally the easiest way to find out. The general setup for the generic controllers either has a button with a house, or nothing on that button at all. Just be optimistic for now. Anything less, and you can just utilize their return policy.
  14. Same. Just got my third ascension (one shopped, two through natural progression). Nothing. Just the in-game achievement. Now if only they take note and just make it trigger upon login after a future patch.
  15. Did a Quick Ascension, and then a standard Ascension, in that order just to try things out -- nothing. Let's hope that maybe it pops by the time I receive my third ascension (second in-game achievement for ascending). Though I do find it odd that I got a notification for 10k enemies killed when I loaded up my game today, despite being over 20k killed yesterday. Maybe some of the stuff may randomly trigger over time?