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  1. All those trophy types are fine, the only trophies that should go are unobtainable trophies tied to dead servers or just flat out glitched trophies that won't pop, and in the case of the first one they should be made to be able by doing something else that's possible in the main game, kinda like how mass effect andromeda did it where you can beat the game on insanity or do 5 multiplayer maps on gold. In the case of the latter they should just make sure every trophy is achievable before launch. Also a bit controversial but imo every game should have a trophy relating to 100% completion.
  2. I'll always try and get as many trophies as i can even if it is unobtainable or too hard for me, I had unobtainable games on my list early on before I was even that into trophies so it's too late to turn back now. I also think if I did have a 100% account that I would feel pressured to keep it that way and force myself to play through games I've started that I'm not enjoying, or to make sure every game I play is something I can beat and not ever push myself incase I can't complete it.
  3. I would recommend wreckfest, need for speed heat, the ride games if you like motorbike racing and wrc games are generally on the easier side if you like rally racing
  4. Nice to see Sony taking steps to stop this junk coming onto the ps store but I don't think it will remove the problem of these games entirely I think they will just make the bare minimum of changes to class it as a different game instead, so instead of stroke the dog/cat/rabbit we get play fetch with the dog where you throw a ball to a dog 50 times and a game where you brush a horse 100 times.
  5. Nurse is actually one of the best killers in the game if you know how to play her, hag has a completely different playstyle than every other killer so I can understand struggling to play her and hillbilly I agree is kinda trash but all it takes is 1 good match with each to get the trophy, I used to get absolutely stomped when playing huntress and old Freddy but eventually you just get a lucky game where the survivors play really bad, just keep at it. I will agree that merciless victory is stupid compared to the survivors just having to escape for their adepts. I dont play this game very often but they are always constantly updating killers with buffs and nerfs so you could wait and see if they buff hag or hillbilly but I highly doubt they will ever buff nurse if anything I would say they will nerf her.
  6. This tends to happen a lot for me and I'll normally just continue from where I was, usually I'll have a quick look at the controls and trophy guide, then play around for a bit until I figure out how to play again.
  7. Funny enough I did this a couple of hours ago on very easy knife only as Chris, you just have to knife the tentacle things for a while and it dies pretty easy.
  8. The unknown city is easily the worst game I have ever played and will ever play, there is not 1 thing that is good about that game I knew it would be bad by looking at the store page but thought it might be funny, turns out the joke was on me.
  9. Thank you I have edited my original post
  10. Ah there was conflicting reports about this, thank you for confirming it does not give you a free copy of spider man, mind if I credit you in the guide?
  11. Unfortunately all trophies are missable because you must press X on the spider if you miss the spider or press a different button it will not count, no online trophies though thankfully.
  12. I am working on one it goes as follows: Press the X button on the spider until the platinum pops. WARNING this game does NOT include a free copy of any of the Spiderman games on PlayStation thanks to POEman553 for confirming let me know what you think, should I maybe add a video as well? I know this can be confusing but stick with it it can be done with motivation and hard work.
  13. 1000 completed games is a hell of a lot, I've been trophy hunting for 10 years and I'm not even at 600 yet, but if I had to recommend 1 game from my account it would be trackmania turbo, a really difficult but also a really great arcade racer.
  14. I try to get all trophies in most of my games regardless if it has a platinum or not, especially if I want to complete a series of games
  15. Oh god please no I don't wanna do all these again.... "Its all gone changing on me!"