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  1. Skyrim! It's not to hard. Maybe pick up the remaster on ps4?
  2. I just hope all the DLC episodes come with trophies list of their own.
  3. Greetings from Pixel-CAT-, have a good evening my friend (^_^ )

    1. Fierce-Hero


      Thank you! Sorry that I am never on here to respond to much of anythjng. Haha

    2. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      Don't worry about that (^_^ )

  4. Would you sell your ps4 for $200 tword a PS Pro?

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    2. Parker


      Nope. I'm keeping my launch day PS4 and picking up the Pro the day it releases as well.

    3. skateak


      If it came with no games. I am going to throw in their choice of 4-5 games and get $300.

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      No, Amateur no games PS4 is more than enough for me :)

  5. Hey ee28max! You should knock out Tekken.The only hard trophy on it is logging in for 10 days. I don't even play 1v1 fighters and I was able to do this easy! That won't get you a plat though.. So Finnish off Skyrim! I would wait for the remaster first though.
  6. If you care about games that glitch, and prevent you from getting the trophies, Sonic Adventure DX will somtimes keep you from getting them.
  7. With games like this I respect the plat to much. I managed to get 1 and 3, but the reverse races are just to much!
  8. Finnaly going through the Uncharted series. Half way through 3 and loving it!

  9. Ashura's wrath! It can be a little frustrating at times for sure. But it's just one beautiful cutsean!
  10. Hey guys, just wanted to tell you guys about my issues with glitched trophies in this game, and what some of my solutions were to fix them. I would also like to hear the issues you guys may have had when trying to 100% this game. Their were 4 trophies that managed to not pop for me, and after playing around I was able to get 3 of the 4 to actually show up. Ill go ahead and list the trophies and how i fixed them, in the order that I had the problems. **Note: This game was played start to finish with the Sonic Adventure DX DLC pack.** **Note: The three trophies I fixed, were all fixed after I completed to objectives for them. So they may not have popped because of that?** 1. Mission All Accomplished So this one is a part of the DLC. Simply complete the 50 missions in mission mode. The way i fixed this was going back into mission mode as sonic and re-completing mission one. The game re read that it was all completed i supposed and popped. 2. Choa's Best Friend Oh man this one made me sad. After collecting all 5 emblems for the Choa races, you will unlock this trophy. What i did to fix this was make a new game file, and with the same Chao I gathered the 5 emblems again. This of coerce was harder because after completing them the first time, they are harder, so be ready for that. After getting the 5 emblems for the new file, it popped. Thank god for the Chao system having its own save file, right? 3. The Perfect Adventurer You have to get all 130 emblems for this one. It may be important to say that my last 5 emblems, were the Chao emblems. I think that because the Chao's best friend didn't pop, this one didn't. To fix this i want to adventure mode, and then to Emerald Coast to complete the final mission for it once again. Even though I was unable to collect an emblem for it (Because I already had it) the trophy decided to pop. --- I have a feeling that the way they programmed this trophy list, it forces you to follow an undetrmaned path to finish the game, or you wont get the all trophies. This last trophy I have yet to get to pop. 4. Metal Sonic Another trophy from the Sonic Adventure DX DLC, you must get the 130 emblems while playing Sonic Adventure DX. As stated before my play through was done with the DLC from start to finish. This should had popped and I have no idea how to fix this one. I was able to get the "Metal Sonic Master" so this one is just strange to me. if anyone has any tips or have experienced this before, please let me know! Id like to try to work with someone to find a solution.
  11. Playing Sly for the first time. I'm on the second game right now and I can say this adventure is great!

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    2. Fierce-Hero


      @Flutershy: I like them all! I just finished episode 3. I love how they actually feel like a strong team!

      @BlueDiamond93: Nahh I have the collection and the newer one (Sly 4). Im playing them in order and finished the first one in about 4 hours. It was so short, yet sooooo sweet! Great series.

    3. Jak


      That misleading status then yo D:

    4. Fierce-Hero
  12. You first must get all the Chaos weapons and then the message to get his Nightmare weapon will open.
  13. I'm sorry my phone likes to change what I type into other words. I think I fixed it all.
  14. I hope this is in the right thread. Anyways with this new update they had with PSN, they had added Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (specified concel) with bonus to the bundle section. When reading the description it seemed the bonus was literally what they added to the game to make it "Ultimate". Is that all this is or is their actually a bundle here?