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  1. #6 - Tricky Towers (1.04%) I found this game incredibly stressful due to the heavy RNG needed for some of the trophies. It would have to be an 8/10 in difficulty for me personally just due to how infuriating the game can be during the harder levels. P.S. I'm pretty bad at this game so I'm happy I got it done!
  2. Hell yeah, dude! Good luck to you, you've got this!
  3. No, it is not. It is not impossible for you either (Believe in yourself 😉). Just remember, it's as hard as the 'I Am Death Incarnate' difficulty so if you can beat the game on that difficulty then Mein Leben is completely possible. All you've got to do is persist (It may take a lot of persistence) and with enough practice in each section, the permadeath trophy is as good as yours. It personally took me somewhere around 90 hours to complete it. couldn't agree more!
  4. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Time: Around 90 hours Difficulty: 10/10 Fun: 8/10 I actually really enjoyed this game. Mein Leben was a pain but I think because I had so much fun playing it made me persevere and push on through it. The DLC was a lot easier in comparison but still pretty fun to beat nonetheless. I would definitely recommend everyone to go for this plat and not let Mein Leben scare you!
  5. After playing this on PC previously I'd agree it's definitely a 10/10 and 200+ hours if you're looking to 100% this game with DLC. Previously The Lost would have been the hardest character, but now with these tainted characters, there are definitely some (like Tainted Lost, Tainted Lazarus, Tainted Eden and Tainted Jacob) that will really really push you to your limits.