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  1. What an ironic comment.
  2. I wasn't a huge fan of the 2018 game but I did play through it twice. I liked it quite a bit better my second time around. That being said, I absolutely loved Ragnarok. My biggest gripe though is some of the sections dragged and felt more like filler. I think maybe because of how the story went, the characters, and just how beautiful the game is really made me overlook how draggy it felt at times. At least, I loved it enough to beat the story over the weekend. Also my favourite animal is the wolf so them being around also helped lol. I will be pursuing the platinum on this one whereas for the 2018 game I just couldn't bring myself to enjoy it enough. GOTY for me for sure. I felt this as well, though my problem was less that they were giving away the solution to a puzzle and more they were telling me to look "up there" in a fairly open area and I'm like "where goddamn it!?" Though I can be dumb and blind sometimes so I guess it kind of helped to know a general area where to look for stuff.
  3. I finally have an update, however small it might be: 1) Bright Memory: Infinite ☑️ 2) Sackboy: A Big Adventure - 47% -> 65% 3) Greedfall - ☑️ 4) Judgment - 48% 5) Klonoa: Phantasy Reverie Series - ☑️ 6) Destroy All Humans! 2 - ☑️ 7) Pac-man World Repac - 19% 8) Immortals Fenyx Rising - 65% -> 74% 9) The Quarry - 8% 10) Tales of Arise - 7% 11) Final Fantasy VII Remake - 28% 12) The Forgotten City - ☑️ 13) Kaichu Kaiju Dating Sim - ☑️ 14) Hoa - ☑️ Just haven't been liking the list lately and only wanting to play short easy games due to just not feeling too great and being in horrible-want-to-throw-myself-in-front-of-traffic pain. I decided since we are getting close to the end I should try to do at least a little more. I'll probably just do a final update and hopefully with my new meds I'll feel more energized by the time the Winter challenge starts up in a couple weeks.
  4. I was not expecting this game to have such finnicky controls but...after having my eye on this one for so long I'm glad to have finally finished it and for a good cause too. Next up is Deliver Us the Moon which I believe has a nice big orange splotch to make it count.
  5. I'm confused by what your point is, so naturally.
  6. When trophies have become as popular as they have and Sony knows trophies are selling games to the extent that we have all these jumping food games, accessibility has become a factor. They have been for a long time. I can counter your last point with why have a game be super accessible but make the trophies difficult? What would the point in that be? Sure they're optional but logic should still apply.
  7. Trophy hunters are not the masses, which is what I said. I was not saying that they were the majority and I'm not sure where you got that I was when you agreed with my point. Most people have jobs and responsibilities and don't want to be grinding out hard trophies; why are you so upset at a game being accessible to more people? Sorry it's such a disappointment to you, but it you want the game to be more challenging, just turn the difficulty up. That in itself also counts as accessibility.
  8. You realize that's why they make the lists easy right? They are appealing to the masses; why put difficult trophies in when their target is making as many people play the game as possible? I'm seeing the only people here saying they won't play the game are people not interested in GoW and the tryhards whining about the trophies being too easy, so sounds like the trophies are just fine to me.
  9. Got another orange. Not sure what to for pink so got another orange lined up. I'm proud of myself for getting through a scary game; a few days late for Halloween but things happen.
  10. A mild recent example for me (I will eventually retry but meh): Following PowerPyx's all survive guide for The Quarry. Made it to chapter 3 and played through, not realizing I messed up the 'don't breathe' section. I made it to the end of the chapter before I was like oh wait I did mess it up. It was a slow and boring chapter with an annoying collectible in the opening section, so my motivation to replay it is so low it's underground right now. I did make a save beforehand that I could download and try again day.
  11. Yes! Backyard Soccer is a million times better than Fifa. I want to be the Wombats again.
  12. I shall join as well. Here is my list: 1. Cyberpunk 2077 - 7% 2. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - 11% 3. Chorus - 25% 4. Persona 5 Royal - 1% 5. Gotham Knights - 6% (**currently playing with bf so may end up changing if we go too far before this starts up**) 6. God of War Ragnarok - 0% 7. A Plague Tale: Requiem - 0% 8. Biomutant - 0% 9. Metro Exodus - 0% 10. Two Point Campus - 0% I am excited that the Attack on Completion Event will finally be ending soon, so I can finally stop caring so much about when I start new games. I am right at 75% right now which was my goal and I don't want to ruin it in the last two months. I really appreciate that challenge for what it is, but I really just want to play and not worry about it. Especially after a whole year of watching my stats.
  13. Games done in October: Tinykin -> Platinum Tunic -> Platinum Ice Age Scrat's Nutty Adventure -> Platinum Call of the Sea -> Platinum Submerged: Hidden Depths -> Platinum Current status: Total Started Games: 101 Total Completed Games: 64 Total Platinums: 69 Current PCG: 75.58% I started a few new games hence the drop but I still have some shortish games sitting for when I feel well enough to play again. I have something seriously wrong going on with my neck/shoulder so all I want to do is sit as still as possible and not put too much effort into anything, not even gaming. Hopefully at my dr appointment tomorrow I can get some pain relief of some such and get going again.
  14. I'm hoping this would count for orange: I quite enjoyed this chill game either way. And I got fastest achiever!
  15. Submerged: Hidden Depths - Zoologist Screw the Giant Squid. It made this last trophy a pain. And then I got the platinum which is called Hidden Depths. I'd post pics but I'm on mobile.