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  1. Honestly, the game was't THAT bad. Sure, it had it's crappy moments and the side quests were abysmal, but you very much got the feeling that they were setting up for another trilogy. I thought the Archon was a great bad guy to open up a new series of games with - nothing overly threatening, but enough to warrant your attention. We know the Kett were going to be involved still (similar to the Geth's role in the OT). My main gripe with the game (bar the side "quests") was the characters - I didn't like any of them (no, not even the INSANELY overrated Jaal). The only somewhat likeable one was Draak who was just a Wrex clone. In fact, they should have all been switched with the Tempest crew - Lexi would have made a great companion - yelling in battle about being careful, throwing up shields, scolding you etc. Kallo, Suvi, Gil - I would have much preferred them in my squad. Heck, even Draak's granddaughter was a lot more compelling than the old man himself. It's a shame that the game went down so badly. It really is. Part of me feels it was undeserved, an equal part of me feels it was deserved, but in the end we've all lost. No more Mass Effect games - or at least, a very large question mark as to it's future.
  2. It's like the game told you - the DLC's contain spoilers that you may or may not want to know about whilst still playing the main scenario. If you don't care about being spoiled - play away. If you do - wait until you beat the game. 😶
  3. Only one worth getting is Type-0. All the rest I looked at are cheaper on Amazon, even with these "amazing double discounts". 😆
  4. These are the Xbox achievements - I imagine the PS trophy list will mirror these: Standard Achievements Beacon of Hope - Powered up all facilities in Lestallum. Kingly Blessing - Received a Royal Sigil. One with Your Blade - Crafted a weapon of Level 30 or higher. Come Back, Kenny! - Met the owner of the Crow's Nest Diner. Secret Achievements
  5. I've had the game since not long after launch and have struggled to bring myself back to it to 100% it - the only reason I'm doing so now is due to being determined to substantially clear out my backlog. I'm still very early in - I've just 'defeated' Titan and got his charm/key thing - but unless things improve substantially I'm going to struggle to pull myself through this one. Struggle may not be the best choice of words... I'll manage, I just don't think I'm going to enjoy doing so. I have 3 major gripes just now: The characters: My main gripe with the game. The characters are annoying. These are people who are charged with guarding royalty - yet Prompto runs around singing songs about Chocobo (which I can stomach, to a degree...) and acts like an all-round buffoon. Ignis, whilst actually quite endearing as a character (somewhat Lulu-esque - knowledgeable and plays the role of mentor, teaching the other 3 about the area, strategy, etc), is incredibly overacted in the voiceover department and comes across as campy. Gladio I don't really mind so much, he's the best of a bad bunch. Normally, this wouldn't phase me - every FF game has crappy characters, or at least, characters who just don't tick as many boxes as the rest - but you can usually sideline them in place of one of your other characters. Even before release I knew that being stuck primarilly with the same squad of 4 was going to be a problem for me - I'm disappointed I wasn't wrong. The battle system: From what I've read on this forum and others, I'm in the minority here - I hate the battle system! I'm very willing to accept I'm doing something wrong or missing a trick with this, but there is, from what I can tell so far, zero strategy involved in encounters. I either hold down square and occasionally attack or just fry the enemies with my already-overpowered-magic and move on. I'm getting no satisfaction or sense of achievement from these fights and praying that it changes. The side quests: No point going into detail here. I think we all know why they're lacking. With all that said, it's a solid game. It's one I would pick up if I saw it on sale in a store/Amazon/the PS store. It's not a solid Final Fantasy game. I enjoyed X-2 more than this because of FFX setting such a fantastic lore and world to be part of (and I think FFX-2's battle system was awesome fun). Same goes for XIII and XIII-2 - I thoroughly enjoyed these entries to the series because of their phenomenal musical scores and, in my opinion, outstanding battle systems. I don't like to come on forums and gripe about games all that much - every series is going to have it's bad eggs where they didn't quite hit the mark - but with XV being in development for so long and us as fans having to wait such a long time, I'm incredibly disappointed with what they managed to achieve.
  6. Annoyingly, seconded!
  7. I have this sitting on my PS4 for when I get home, can't wait! I've had a shaky relationship with Inquisition but I'm hella excited to go down the Deep Roads!
  8. Vanguard for me, without a shadow of a doubt. I played through the trilogy originally (on 360) as this class and I love it to death. I'm current playing through again on PS3 as Adept - it's fun, but it's no Vanguard, that's for sure. I would give up Singularity, Throw AND Warp just to get Charge back. :'(
  9. Not gonna lie, I'll be using Yojimbo for Penance. I've already bested Penance once (w/o Yojimbo) on my PS2 save, I have absolutely zero desire to sink in the time required to do that again on top of everything else. All in all an unsurprising trophy list, shouldn't be too hard; as with most JRPG's simply time consuming.