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  1. There is an error in store that makes the upgrade unavailable, Misc Games are working with sony to solve the error. Us version have no problem i think, only EU version.
  2. Hi Add Visage Ps5 to the list, They censor the first initial video, when he shots the woman there is no blood and when he are gonna shoot the girl the image turns other way. Alternative Ps4 version. This is in EU version, dont know about US version. Another part censored put in spoiler just for who dont want to know wich part is.
  3. Hi I cant play the game too, black screen. Ticket already submited.
  4. Hi Releasing 24th November for Ps5. To who own the ps4 game: Base Game Ps5: $5.49/€4.59 until March 24, 2022 Scallops Dlc Ps5: Free until March 24, 2022 To who not own the ps4 version: Base Game Ps5: $37.99/€34.99 Scallops Dlc Ps5: $13.99/€11.99 Ps4 version players will get enhaced edition as a free update with bug fixes and all of the new features like on the current gen consoles.
  5. So why this is listed in the forum in server closures? something here is wrong.
  6. Hi Its here on psnprofiles on servers shutdown. https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/48142-upcoming-server-shutdowns-delistings/
  7. Hi if anyone wants the online trophies the servers are going offline 30 september 2022
  8. Hi Anyone knows if the free ps5 upgrade already have the anniversary content or we have to pay €19.99 for the extra content? I say this because the anniversary content on psn store only have ps4 mentioned not ps5.
  9. Hi Will they add trophies for the new content? like the new missions of the payed content?
  10. Hi yes tube stock have trophies, the last dlc, if you check BR187 doesnt have, and future dlcs dont gonna have trophies, tube stock is the last dlc i have buyed to this game.
  11. Hi Price crysis 2 and 3 both €20,99 each with ps plus till 29/10
  12. Hi Aparently DTG doesnt gonna put more trophies in ps4 and ps5 versions of TSw 2, they say is because sony limitations, so if sony ps5 have 1000 trophy cap and Tsw 2 have 350 trophies that means they are lying to us. https://forums.dovetailgames.com/threads/playstation-trophy-update.46954/
  13. Hi How i get the mission to make the jump ramp ? chiral artist gives me the mission to make chiral bridge but the jump ramp doesnt, Already sleep a few times and nothing.
  14. shooting range too?
  15. HI For what trophy? i cant see any trophy saying anything about races.