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  1. Wasn't actually going to, but found it difficult not preordering one since I got all Playstations in the past on launch day that I could. Was lucky enough my local store still had a few available to preorder, so I am getting one with Demon's Souls possibly. Also find it will help if I'm not lucky enough at getting a RTX 3070, and there will always be games I opt to play on console anyway.
  2. Blazblue Cross Tag, SNK Heroines, and Under Night (any version but the PS3 original, though this could be easy enough) are all pretty easy and fast to complete.
  3. I'm pretty sure this is obvious, but Final Fantasy, been a game series I've been into since childhood. Pretty much inseparable at this point. The next one would be Shin Megami Tensei, though I haven't played all the games, I have played a good portion of them. I got into Shin Megami Tensei in my teens, with Shin Megami Tensei Lucifer's Call (Nocturne for US people), initially got into because of Devil May Cry, seen Dante was in the game, ended up getting very into the game, it took me a good couple of months even getting through my first run of the game, it was hard as fuck in some areas and it was all manual saving so yea... find a fiend and get slaughtered? Hours of progress lost. I look forward to SMTV since it looks like a true sequel to Lucifer's Call, if we'll ever hear of it again.
  4. You get elder for defeating him automatically, then you will get Mega by going to the Grotto.
  5. Drew Zenos from FFXIV!
  6. You mean an Arcade Stick. There's various kinds you can get, including hitboxes that don't have a stick. But no, if you're not great at fighters, an arcade stick won't help and will likely be more of a learning curve to get into fighting games than a controller is. Unless you have actually had experience using one and know for a fact you can pull off the moves easier with one, but there is no reason to go out on expenses if it's just a "will this make fighting games easier for me?" because no it won't. It'll definitely make doing combos easier down the line after you have got used to it, but I would get the basics learnt via a controller first, then if you get decent at fighting games on controller, think of investing in an Arcade Stick.
  7. My computer has a mic built into it, I rarely speak however. I definitely don't find the need for it at all too outside of FFXIV raids etc.
  8. Ok, cringey thread title aside, I found a way that makes this trophy a lot more easier. I wouldn't say it's guaranteed to get you it but it was the first strategy that got me it and got me it on my first test with it. While the guide's method may still work well for some, the method listed works completely fine for me up until Stage 25 where things get a little bit dangerous getting close to the opponent and things can get a little bit too luck based for my liking, so instead, I suggest a double team with Athena, what you want to do is focus mainly on her finish, using any items that you obtain, switching to the other and doing the same, then let both reload, switch and do it again. Yes, it isn't a guaranteed hit, but you have so many chances with how fast your superbar recharges. By stage 20 (and even on Kukri as this opponent can be a bit of an issue), you want to be dodge rolling ( + ) to either side of the stage, keeping as far away from the opponent as you can to prevent getting locked into a combo. This allowed me to enter all the later matches with full health, plus Athena actually has a heal for her red health special. I even managed to get 33 clears doing this.
  9. New iPad Pro 12.9" and Pencil (Gen 2), yes, my wallet is in agony.
  10. [SNK Heroines] If anyone's needing the online trophies, let me know, game's online is dead. x_x

  11. I voted neither, Cloud's just hilarious really when he gets put in a dress. And besides, a lot of the original stuff that you did to actually get a dress sorted is still within the game, literally the only scene taken away was the one where Cloud goes into like this... spa room? Whereas there's a bunch of bodybuilders etc, but the gym where you used to do squats in for the wig is still there (no wig anymore though), the restaurant is still there, the clothing shop mission is still there. Just used for different things, though I do theory that that the clothing mission results in Andrea being a customer to the old man when it comes to picking up a dress for Cloud, I know it doesn't matter but right after they are selecting a dress for someone at the Honeybee Inn.
  12. If it's what someone enjoys, then sure. I actually really enjoy watching people speedrun the Resident Evil games. I, myself can complete FFVII within 5 hours, but there's a lot faster out there, I just see that as an accomplishment compared to my first playthrough of it, most are also kind of what the hell when they learn I can do it in that timing. If I was going for 100% though it would of course take a bit longer.
  13. So... really short Bayonetta? I know she's a fan, but she's really not suited for this character.
  14. Chocobo Trainer: Obtained at least 4 Final Fantasy Platinums Lightning's Sidekick: Obtained at least 1 Final Fantasy Platinum Cactuar Hunter: Joined event with at least one trophy in any Final Fantasy game FF15...again?!: Obtained the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Platinum FF15...Comrades: Get all trophies in Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Comrades In the list already, but may I be updated? Plats are as followed: Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy XV (100% DLC trophies if that matters) Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy XIII-2 Final Fantasy VII 100%s: Final Fantasy XV Comrades I've listed all the rewards above that I should be entitled to.