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  1. Literally got all S ranks on stages 1 through 7, 1-2 is the tightest time check. It's actually one of those stages where it's actually better to take the lower path as the higher path slows you down too much. Nothing can be as bad as Big's fishing in Sonic Adventure.
  2. People who find the need to shout or speak louder than they need to. I've only ever done VC in like MMOs/raiding etc, so most of the time, VC is used for callouts for mechanics. It's rare, but I have had run ins with people who couldn't understand the mechanics and started to have a shout about it. At that point I leave the VC.
  3. Feels easier to me. The singing is still a pain in these games with the inconsistent speed that it expects you to press the buttons in time to, but I would say it's overall easier? Plus I seen in another thread that the singing is a bit easier if you set your TV at a certain resolution, I've never bothered to test this out to find out if it's true though as either way, I don't really care about getting the platinum in these games, but if it came down to it later on once I'm done with the rest, I would probably look into that. Also the leveling system is so much better in this. By the time I was done with my first playthrough, I had 9999 EXP left over that just couldn't be used so it's super easy and fast to max out everything in this game. The Majima Everywhere side game doesn't take anywhere near the length that the real estate management or cabaret club did in 0. And all Majima Everywhere (and Komaki) locks is the dragon style abilities, unlike 0 where you were actually locked from progressing your other styles as well via those side games.
  4. I always considered Share Play for a way to play versus mode with a friend in something like a fighting game while said friend didn't have that game. I personally don't trust someone on my PS on Shareplay because they can easily just delete important stuff on you like characters in FFXIV/Destiny that you spent thousands of hours on.
  5. They're trying to get any hint to your password/security details to see if they can hack you asking questions like those. Better just to block and ignore them. Even set it so only friends can message.
  6. Would honestly just switch over to exophase or whatever, most site don't like ban evasions (aka coming back with a new account to a site you were banned on with another), and having been like a discord mod every now and again for some servers, I also get quite annoyed at ban evasions so it would be kind of hypocritical for me to do myself.
  7. Yes, do story up until you get and clear the trial normal mode, then you can go talk to Yoshi P in Old Shar. to unlock the EX.
  8. I think I have heard of the workaround you mentioned here, but next to no Chaos group does it, it’s just bad pattern? Wipe time mentality here, which honestly, I have to agree that I hate it myself, I would rather people actually research past week one strats, like the group I was with on it, we were struggling on Nidhogg a lot because half kept overcomplicating a mechanic, I had tried to shown them there was an easier method to it, but yea, wouldn’t listen. :> Same time, I’m not moving back to JP just to clear this fight (don’t even know if JP servers do this mechanic any differently either), my group had a bit of a reform so maybe we will give it another go in some time. PF on Chaos isn’t too bad, I progged and killed UWU on it within a few days recently with most groups being consistent on mechanics. But other than that, I mainly play with my static/friends in the game, I helped teach people who didn’t want to touch Savage fights at all, they realised they were not as hard as people make them out to be. Not saying the fights are easy, but definitely not hard, P4S is easily done by anyone within a week given enough practice, I even recently helped a friend through that who runs at 7FPS, they played perfectly and didn’t die to a thing. Just saying, nothing that the trophies request people being able to do is far out of reach from anyone who wants to put a bit of effort into it. Even if it takes them a bit longer to get the final floor done on a savage? It’s still doable, it’s not that the trophies are requesting it to be done in a certain timeframe either, they could even wait patches/expansions to get it done. Until they put a trophy in requesting a clear of an Ultimate, nothing on this list is that difficult.
  9. What? None of the fights the game asks you to do for trophies are hard. If they put a trophy for DSR there, then yea, good luck to most. I was in a group that progged that for like 3 months before we gave up, we reached third phase which seems to be most people's wall, but I have seen groups that couldn't get past the door boss.
  10. It's literally a dead system, they were going to stop selling games digitally on it for good, but went back on that decision with the backlash that was given. They won't put anything on sale as PS3 games are likely to increase in value at this point, some of the rarer ones already have, with it nearly being a retro system at this point.
  11. Do you mean the one with the balloons and stuff? You just get as many balloons as you can while avoiding seagulls, it took me like 20 mins to get a clean run, it's not hard. Mine isn't related to a trophy, but in Dragonsong Reprise in FFXIV, there is a certain meteor pattern you can get which results in a player having to cut through the ice puddles put down prior so they don't overlap the other meteor player's meteors (they explode and wipe the raid if too close), only the tank can do this, I also seen some DPS like ninja/dancer manage it with their gap closer type moves, but other than those classes, there is not much way around this pattern other than just wiping it.
  12. There is a PS4 trophy list, just view it offline if you're on PS5, it's there, they just haven't activated it online yet.
  13. I mean while it's shitty, it's not like you can progress far in the PS5 version with the trial, only up to HW, and Free Trial accounts are quite limited in how they can even play content, I don't think they can even join Party Finder or make use of the marketboard/sell items via the marketboard? So, most end up having to buy the game either way if they want the full 100%, the platinum isn't even possible without buying the full game due to there being Stormblood/Shadowbringer expansions being included in the base list for some trophies. Free Trial account characters have all their levels capped at level sixty (60). Free Trial account characters can possess a maximum of 300,000 gil (in-game currency). Free Trial Players cannot use the "shout," "yell," or "tell" in-game chat options during the Free Trial. Free Trial Players cannot access the in-game market board during the Free Trial. Free Trial Players cannot trade with other players during the Free Trial. Free Trial Players cannot send in-game letters using the moogle delivery service during the Free Trial. Free Trial Players cannot hire retainers during the Free Trial. Free Trial Players can join a Linkshell or Cross-World Linkshell if invited but cannot create a new Linkshell or Cross-World Linkshell during the Free Trial. Free Trial Players cannot create or join a Free Company during the Free Trial. Free Trial Players can join a party if invited or by using the Duty Finder but cannot assemble a party during the Free Trial. Free Trial Players cannot create or join a PvP team or participate in The Feast (Ranked Match) or The Feast (Team Ranked Match) during the Free Trial. Free Trial Players cannot log into the Lodestone, the official forum, or Companion application during the Free Trial. ^ From Lodestone.
  14. Thanks, got it, had to be out of Extra mode, extra mode must also limit what you get as equipment, got it from the second spider I killed at Lv.400. ^^
  15. Warrior of Light can be tricky with this method even as he has a move that can go through this buff. Fight was a bit RNG. The biggest issue when using this mode, is getting bahamut tokens for a 4 star accessory.