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  1. Unless I'm just not looking at the obvious here, PS5 doesn't seem to be able to display trophies like the PS4 did for games that have yet to have their trophy list officially released, played through Persona 5 Strikers a bit, hope my trophies on it are ok. Does anyone know of a solution?

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      Nitroman65 That makes sense then, I never would have bought the digital version so that kinda blows

    3. DEMON


      @NOWITSREYNTIME17 I order games off Simplygames, they tend to ship early.



      DEMON oh man, I should check that out then. I have to wait until Wed now which makes me sad

  2. Trying to figure out what in earth the PS5 added in the new system update, did it fix the disc bug so they don't install themselves if you pressed copy?

  3. CPU: Intel i7 10700K with a Noctua NH-D15S as the cooler. MB: Z490 Aorus Ultra ATX RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB DDR4 3200 (will likely get another 32GB kit to put it at 64GB at some point). Storage: Sabrent Rocket 1TB NVME drive, 2 1TB HDDs which I plan to eventually replace with another M2 drive down the line to eliminate disc based storage altogether in the system. Only when I can get a somewhat decent 2-4TB one at a decent price though. GPU: MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 3070 PSU: Corsair RM750 My first personal build in a long time. Came from using Mac, but at the prices they are going up to, I found it would be so much cheaper and better bang for my buck by moving to a custom build, very happy with this build so far! I'm very lucky to have obtained a 30 series Nvidia. Only thing I have left to buy really is a new Capture Device as you might be wondering why I built it as high spec as I have and that's because I really wanted to make it my main streaming system as well as some gaming. I had a 4K60 Pro in it originally but that was being faulty on me, was purchased from the warehouse, and generally I read up on these being buggy for the most part, so I am doing some research on what external ones to go for.
  4. Only issue I've had is Demon's Souls, my one disc based game so far was deleting itself when I ejected the disc, I've remedied that with just allowing the PS5 to do it automatically without touching the Copy option myself. Only other issue I've had is that Demon's Souls got stuck in Splash screen once, as well as that, would sometimes go into Splash screen and then quit instantly but I put that down to me booting the game too soon after turning the console on. Every other game seems to work flawlessly though, I really do hope Sony fix the bug with the Copy option eventually, very misleading to have if we're just meant to let it install automatically, like... why is this even an option? PS4 was just an automatic install when you put the disc games in.
  5. How many songs are meant to be unlocked? I thought it was 150 but I only have 132 unlocked, how do I unlock more? I've got the 280 star worlds unlocked and cleared in story, so everything is done there.
  6. Can you use start over for the Today's Tunes? Just did it with one button mode, but didn't unlock the trophy. Also noticed I'm only getting 4 Today's Tunes.
  7. Upload your save to the Cloud. Start new game, get 10 songs unlocked. Just to be safe, copy save to a USB stick so you don't have to repeat the 10 songs unlocked in case you mess up again.
  8. For those landing into Platinum Rank 2, that's because you had straight wins on previous rounds. Make one round where you have 2 loses and 3 wins, this will only push you up 1 rank instead of 2 for that round, meaning you will be at Platinum Rank 3 at the end. If you're at Gold Rank 1, just apply this strategy there and you will be moved to Platinum 3, trust me, you do not want to be on Platinum Rank 2, I was stuck on it for ages as Platinum Rank 1 CPU are stupidly difficult, even if you do manage a full chain, they have likely got rainbow excellents on everything they did manage to hit. It seems in this game's VS mode, a full chain combo doesn't really mean anything unless you can hit all the notes on the best timing which is much easier said than done, especially with tricks being thrown at you for the entire duration of the song.
  9. I finally done it. What you want to do, is make sure to have one round where you have 2 loses and 3 wins, this should land you into Platinum Rank 3 at the end and give you much easier opponents. For 20 opponents defeated? Just start a new game again, win 2, lose 3, do that repeatedly and you'll have a very easy 20 wins.
  10. I think I am going to have to reset this, I managed 2/5 wins after getting 1 Gold 1 rank, and downed a Platinum 2 rank, as for the rest that I have available, I just can't do them. The Platinum 1 ranks always have 10k+ score over me, no matter how well I perform, and the Platinum 3 ranks music stage just messes me up halfway through. I think if I had landed on Platinum 3 rank, this would have been much easier for me. I'll keep going for 1 more win likely, but these 2/5 I'm at now, I can't see myself getting another win out of them and it sucks you basically get reset when it gives you another 5 opponents to try against.
  11. The issue is that I'm literally on the last to final rank, all it gives me are Platinum Rank 3/2/1 CPU to battle against, all on Proud difficulty, I have nearly done full chains on fights and the CPU still has over 10k more score than I do. I think possibly for the only way for me to get this trophy would be resetting it all, somehow I went straight from Gold 1 to Platinum 2 which isn't helping at all.
  12. I can't seem to get any wins at Platinum Rank 2, it's quite annoying how much the difficulty spiked in this mode. Is there any other advice that anyone can give? Because in my opinion, as someone who doesn't play rhythm games much, this is not easy. I have even tried getting ranked down, it doesn't seem to work.
  13. Picked up the CPU, despite the box saying game isn't included, it does come with it as Intel realise they were kind idiots for not including it in the first place, hope to start my build pretty soon!
  14. Wasn't actually going to, but found it difficult not preordering one since I got all Playstations in the past on launch day that I could. Was lucky enough my local store still had a few available to preorder, so I am getting one with Demon's Souls possibly. Also find it will help if I'm not lucky enough at getting a RTX 3070, and there will always be games I opt to play on console anyway.