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  1. Like everyone else, I recommend first to watch some videos, my go to PC builder is JayzTwoCents, he actually has a whole range of videos on about choosing parts, and literally guides how to build PCs that literal children could follow with some assistance. Next I would recommend using pcpartpicker and setting it to your region, pcpartpicker is a site which allows you to piece together a PC by parts, and as you are doing this, it will let you know if any problems will come up, it'll tell you things like "this isn't the correct CPU for this motherboard chipset etc", it'll also show you a range of prices of where to get parts new, cheapest to highest, as well as that, reviews left by those who use the site on said parts. It'll let you know if you'll have any issue fitting things like your selected graphic card or CPU cooler into your case. Overall, you want no warnings being left down when you're building the PC on this site so you have a problem free experience of whether it will fit or not, or if it's compatible or not with other parts you purchased. Personal opinion, you're best to go with a ATX case, even if you are only planning to put a smaller motherboard in there, main reason why is that they are less cramped space, small form factor is nice for not taking up as much space on your desk, but in the end of the day, these PC can usually have space problems (as well as parts getting much warmer than they would if they were in a bigger case), are more suited to those that know what they are doing. And as for used PC/parts, I would personally say this is a big no no unless you can guarantee things like the GPU hasn't been used for mining etc, GPU that get used for mining can be terrible afterwards, plus it's just nice in general to have warranty on your parts and easy returns if anything for whatever reason doesn't work with what you picked (for example, some RAM can be finicky and motherboards can be very finicky, I would also suggest never to buy a used PSU/power supply). Since we're coming up on Black Friday in November, I suggest leaving buying parts until then, of course, you can find deals on PC parts all the time, but you don't really want to be buying parts and keeping them for months, then realising, oh these don't work/something better comes out, Amazon usually do deals on storage/RAM/keyboards/mouse/monitors during Black Friday sales, so you can cut off a bunch by leaving it til then and perhaps getting a M2 drive for cheap (right now M2 drives are up in price because of people rushing to get them because PS5 enabled that port). I hope this helps, and of course, if you don't really feel up for it at the end, there are PC building sites that can build the PC for you, and like Amazon, have deals on their builds around November time, so it's worth waiting, whilst you wait, do some research on the PC you ideally want to build/have built.
  2. Going live with Kena: Bridge of Spirits!

  3. The PS5 in general is going to be a bit loud because of its fans, also I suggest if this is the first time you heard it; open up your PS5 by the side panels, look to see if the fans are dusty (you can be surprised, you would think dust wouldn't be able to get in there but it can), if they are, use some kind of a blower (computer cleaner if you have one around, if not, you should get one, they can be got fairly cheap and are safe to use for most electronics), dust etc can contribute to noise that your PS5 or anything makes. It makes me think it's the fans really if it goes away the moment you hit pause, aka the game goes into idle and isn't using as much resources.
  4. Well, one way it can happen is closing the game when resetting it (confirmed this by testing my theory on it, it also causes the same bug to happen). As for side stories bug that also makes it happen, I'm not sure on that how it works, I have all mine cleared now so I won't be touching them again, so I should be safe from that part of the bug.
  5. Damn, that's quite scary now if it's not restricted to what I thought was the issue. I guess, backup your save like crazy with every little thing you do, best thing to do until they solve this data reset bug. The worst thing about it too was that when mine reset the first time, it actually only reset partially. Like there was some stuff untouched, but a lot of stuff removed, like it reset me to something like 24% from 60%. And both times it did this, it was when I had reset the game and didn't make sure to actually select new game and save before I exited. When you mention it though, it could be linked to the Side Stories as well as the first time this happened to me, my progress in the side stories was completely gone, the progress I had made anyway. Ngl, I think I'm gonna focus on other games in my backlog until this game is fixed mostly, I kind of don't want to be making a lot of progress in it only for it to be taken away from me. I do have the save backed up to the cloud, but the fact this can seemly happen at any point is... yea, not good.
  6. This happened with me also. By any chance, did you reset the game and not start a new one and saved when you could? I've triggered this to happen 2 times myself, the second time I could restore from the Cloud as I started backing my save up after it happened the first time, but I concluded how this happens. Pretty much, after running Reset, do not close the application until you get into New Game and save at the start. If you do close and reopen the entire game, it will almost treat it as if you are opening the game up for the first time. I do believe this is a bug, and something should be done about it, so hopefully the dev team is reading these forums as well as the Steam ones as I don't see any mention of this on the PC side at all. Also, yes, unfortunately, you will have to go back and do everything again. I highly recommend until they fix this bug with the PS versions (I have no idea if this happens with PS4 as well), back your saves up on the Cloud and be very careful to not shut your game off right after a Reset. And for other references, you can reset the game whenever, I have been resetting it every time I don't get the secret poem I need by the third poem unlock in Act 2, my stuff has been okay so long as I don't exit the application having done a reset before I start a new game.
  7. I have 108% now, seemly there is an option that opens in the side stories menu once you have all the Pictures collected. Currently only need two more pictures and it's one of the poems from Act 2 (should unlock 2 pictures, one in secrets and another in promos) that is randomly generated and pre-determined when you start the game so you can't reload on Act 2 to try and get anymore, it's getting a little beyond frustrating really, my last run resulted in me getting the "Joke" one 3 times in a row, the last poem in Act 2 that I need is the dot one which you have to look at for 10 seconds before closing off, it just doesn't want to generate.
  8. I've been playing in English since that's my native language, so not a clue why images in the gallery were removed for me, it only happened when I started another playthrough of the game too. The credits were not what affected it. Just restarted my game, the images are still missing, so it seems like I have to unlock them again. To be safe from this point on, I'm just going to store my saves on Cloud with each playthrough of this game that I do. Ok, I found out how this may happen, it pretty much happens if you don't go into the main game after playing round with stuff on the desktop, definitely seems like a bug imo. It's wise to use your cloud storage or a USB to back up save file incase your progress is randomly taken from you.
  9. I'll give that a shot. It also seemed to erase the progress I had with the side stories too, so maybe it is just a bug, I see though that I am not the only person having issue with this.
  10. This also happened with me as I was playing through my second run of the game, images of random poems and all promo images were removed, I'll assume this is a bug and reason why the trophy for 100% cannot be unlocked.
  11. I just did this playthrough to get the good ending, and I'm just wondering, did the game remove pictures in the Picture folder for anyone else while doing this? Everything in Promos was removed for me, plus the random poems I got in my last playthrough.
  12. Couldn't you always keep the PS4 version on your system, upgrade, then play PS5 version, once trophies are done, open PS4 version?
  13. Gonna get it. Wanted to play this for a while, but I never really liked the fact it messed with your actual PC files, so I would prefer this that has an OS within it.