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  1. Either way it doesn't bother me, unless I'm saving a significant amount by buying the PS4 version if both versions are released at the same time. Otherwise, I don't think I will pick up a PS4 game over a PS5 game, I know, I know, basically 2 platinums for the price of one, but honestly? That doesn't even bother me much, and those platinums are not so fulfilling to me. I'm not someone who is going for number when I look at trophies, I play games because I enjoy them, and go for the trophies in games I enjoyed. Besides that, I don't think multiple stacks on a profile looks good, I have some, but I try and keep it at a minimum.
  2. Can't say I'm super loyal, but Playstation does seem to be my go to most of the time nowadays, but back when Microsoft was actually competitive, I was really into playing on my Xbox 360 more than I was my PS3, this was waaay back at the beginning of that generation near enough, though I had a PS3 for longer, I got it on release day, the issue was that the Xbox 360 had so many JRPGs that the PS3 didn't have for a while, among other games, there was also quite a few games that ran better on the Xbox 360. So back then, I can't say I was loyal to Playstation. Now I mainly play on my PS5, opting for the PS5/PS4 versions of games over the Nintendo Switch versions (for obvious reason), Xbox is literally... I have a PC, I can play those games if I really wanted to, there's no hard competition between these consoles now, it just really comes down to what one you want, and most who have a decent PC already technically do have an Xbox for most part.
  3. My 1337 milestone was replacing someone's heart with a radio. I guess it's fitting enough. lol But yea, I don't worry too much about milestones and stuff, I do like getting special platinums though for every 10 I do, but trophy milestones would be a bit more difficult really to get specific ones.
  4. Finally glad to have the Yuffie DLC 100%ed, would have to say Hard difficulty in the chapters at least was a lot easier this time round. Had more bother with the Top Secrets fight, but all it really took was grinding some materia levels, didn't even have to go max with a lot of stuff and still managed to get it cleared in about 6 mins.

    1. enaysoft


      Is it better or worse than the main game content? Does it really benefit from being a PS5 exclusive DLC?

    2. DEMON


      @enaysoft I liked it, quite a good length for DLC, the graphics have been improved quite a bit, a lot of the poor textures that were in the PS4 version are now gone from PS5 version. Though, I don't really think there was much of an excuse for it not being on PS4, but at least the lists are split so no one with PS4 only has to worry about having a 100% voided on them until they get a PS5. I just assume the developers didn't have the time to work things out so it could play on the PS4, and if they're deciding the future of the FFVII games is PS5 only now, they probably decided "well hey, let's get this upset done and over with now" than deal with it later.

  5. Heisenberg is really popular too. I'm hoping we get a "What if" DLC with him whereas when he gives us the choice at the factory, we can actually team up with him and get a possible bad end.
  6. Not true, I managed a Weiss clear without requiring all max materia, Cloud who was my player character had a max parry, Tifa only had one I purchased off Chadley quickly. I kind of made my own materia set up in the end, but looked at videos to see how to execute most damage on first stagger.
  7. The way SE announced this, they announced it less of DLC and more as a standalone game, so now I'm pretty confused why it's considered DLC now. I remember this precisely in a Q&A they did when everyone was getting pissed off because of it being PS5 only.
  8. Looks super easy, depends what the combo challenges are like I guess if they mean combo missions means all combos in them or not, but yea, looks easy. Looks minimal online required too.
  9. I'm sorry, but no one can beat my 96,696 profile views.
  10. No plan here to ever retire from gaming, and since I am unable to work due to a number of health issues, I can play games most of the time, and it's great. I mainly stick to JRPGs which I feel anyone at any age can easily enjoy (they're especially great when you have a lot of time on your hands and tear through other kind of games within a couple of days or less).
  11. There will be future packs with more than 1 trophy. It's just this time there is no raids added and they never made doing bozja essential for trophies (thank them for that as this content will be impossible to do once dead).
  12. Granblue Fantasy: List is very easy to complete, though a few trophies might require boosting sessions now. Blazblue Cross Tag: Very easy list. Does have online trophies. Any of the Under Night series on PS4. Lists are easy, bit grindy on it, no online trophies included. SNK Heroines: While it's not the best fighter in the world, it has a very easy list and its simple combo system should be easy enough for anyone to pick up.
  13. All of these very recent and very cheap easy to platinum games makes me feel Sony are just not caring anymore and letting these onto the PSN store like the games on Steam that literally auto pop achievements. I did buy the VN one but I was generally interested in the art style of it. The recent one I seen that is literally just shooting drones is... eh... are Sony even monitoring what's put onto the PSN store anymore?

    1. MidnightDragon


      Most likely not. xD 

  14. You just have to clear the end fights of each tier for the trophies to pop.