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  1. Dissapointing stuff for me. Never tried out any of them, but as I saw videos they are not for me. Well, maybe next month.
  2. They are really quiet about the new ps+ games for february. No official info at all and its the 22th in 30 min. Usually by mid month they tell us. Wonder whats going on.
  3. Archer! Otherwise yeh, its a good idea!
  4. What I'm dancing to all night long!
    1. allenbird


      wow that is awesome

    2. NERVergoproxy


      you still dance all night long?

  5. You won't even have much time with work and a family *pats head*
  6. Mobile phones are the future. Everybody sees that. I'm sure it will take over in gaming too in the years to come. I already have games on my phone that even I go "wow" when it comes to gameplay and graphics, like if I was playing on a pc, seriously. Just check out Real Racing 3 or Asphalt 8: Airborne for example. About San Andreas for my phone, Imma get that too. Replaying its story on my phone while on train or such will be awsome
  7. Nope, I really don`t see any difference between them. And to other trolls that reply to me, please, try to notice that "for me" over there.
  8. Always hated horror stuff and always will, so no, nothing is ready
  9. For me 24 fps is the same as 60, so no ^^
  10. Hats off at Remember Me, it was awsome. It's the 4th game that got a 100% rating from me.

  11. Taken from the comments part from the november ps+ update, Chris confirmed that from now on ps3 users will get 2 games/month.
  12. Well this Metal Gear was short.

    1. Memnoch


      Already finished kitty?

    2. JadedDragos
    3. KittyGirly


      The new in ps plus, the Revengeance. I did the story yeh, as I only go for stories in games, the statics page said I was ingame for 3 hours 36 min, thats how long story is sadly.

  13. So Ubisoft has delayed both games with like half a year, which kinda dissapoints me as I`ve been waiting for them. Thats a huge minus in my eyes ubisoft, I`m watching you >:[
  14. Argh, I`m always late :<
  15. I always go on easy as I just want to experience games stories, nothing else ^^
  16. Yeh, it was almost instant before, but I dunno what happened. Sly could probably answer that.
  17. Does that for me always, but the next day after I refresh the page its there. I guess it just takes time ^^
  18. Entering PS Plus: 23rd October: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 23rd October: Remember Me 23rd October: Oddworld Strangers Wrath 23rd October: MotorStorm RC We are getting 2 AWSOME games soonish, but if we look it that way, Motorstorm RC is crossbuy so it will be on ps3 too so its still 3
  19. Actually thats at a wrong place, but yeh, I`m late a lil, saw this at work but I don`t log on to my stuff from public computers. But ohhh well, atleast this is at the right forum part ^^
  20. NFS Rivals and Watchdogs. The rest is meh. [both on pc ofcourse]
  21. It's an okeys game, I loved the boss battle, it was really well made ^^
    1. DEMON


      Consoles FTW.. >_> I actually have a decent PC for gaming with.. I just prefer consoles ^^ Plus.. I don't like Steam..

    2. Rube


      They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Consoles are more user friendly and it's ''livelier'' there. PC has better running games, better graphical performance. But then again Consoles have their amazing exclusives. To each their own.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Imho, PC and consoles both have their advantages. I have a powerful PC but I wish there was more games like I have for my consoles. And yes Console will never reach the graphical power of PC, console games still look amazing! And we will see it even more so with the PS4. At the price they are offering Ps4 at, its too good to look aside.