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  1. - Fixed an issue which prevented players who participated in the Open Beta from unlocking the “Feed the Beast” achievement. - You may also unlock the 5 achievements associated with each Advisor by adding 10 more levels to the level you started with at launch. 😯
  2. Savescum with PS plus cloud data to give yourself personal checkpoints. I had been going for hours and even died right at the end till i thought of that, did it in 15 minutes after 😭 Also try and make sure the spikes are down by shooting them to give yourself breathing room, cause they shield those annoying blue lightning things that kill lanes
  3. Mine is QLLUQ
  4. I accidentally got it here when I pinged at a downed ally, maybe try that
  5. How do you get “Y-you got it” and “Hey, that was pretty cool”?
  6. It took about 5 run throughs of all the stages for me to get this lol, what worked for me is -versus mode, 1 round -player vs player (vs. cpu wouldn’t work) -first player gets the trophy, second is a dummy to help -use the second player to knock the first into the red circle to set off the hazards -walk the first player into the hazard -finish the round -on the coastline stage with the healing hazard, damage the first player to half health for the blue circle to appear then knock them into it -get the ray of light with the first player I also did this on a fresh save, not sure if that part matters though
  7. 1801 points for rank 2 10000 points for rank 3
  8. I used giornos heal move on my cac to bring my health back to max if I took a hit, it still gave me the perfect bonus to the score. I just zoned them out with rasen shuriken and vegeta assist spam for the fights, sometimes I’d let myself take some damage to get my ult and win with it after healing for more score. The timer was the most annoying thing for me
  9. If you use polinas ability with up on the d-pad you’ll usually have a moment to execute normal enemies, even if you’re spotted. It mostly works, it doesn’t on the heavy enemies though. The ai can be pretty dumb while it’s looking for you so you can be a little aggressive. Make sure you don’t kill with just a normal punching melee also, reload checkpoints when u make a mistake.
  10. For the sports trophies you can 1v1 a lvl 1 cpu I fought on the ren and stimpy space stage for the level 9 trophies, they all ended up killing themselves there lol