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  1. I finally made some more progress, TES 5 Skyrim (PS3) Hearthfire, (new) Zombie Army 4: DW(PS4) 6 DLCs finished previously.
  2. I am looking forward to DC Lego Super Villains, as I haven't picked that up yet, the other games I'll still add to my profile.
  3. That's not a bad way, if your working towards other things it could be good, link below for locations, on the wiki.
  4. Just a quick update, I finished a couple more DLCs, Zombie Army 4(6 complete) DLC packs, 6-8, and 10-12. I still have the "None more hard" trophy to finish DLC pack 9. I'll go through my backlog, and update this post later with more planned to finish DLC. Edit: After going through my DLCs, it looks like I need to fire up my PS3, I am going to try get the following; Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim (PS3) (3 packs) Borderlands, I'll have to see what I have the DLCs for this series on PS3 and report back.
  5. I'll be honest, I did enjoy the first 2, I will definitely play this one too.
  6. I haven't platinumed Dark Cloud 2 yet, but once a year or so I jump on and make some progress, it's a really great game. The spheda isn't the best but the fishing I find a bit annoying.
  7. Just a check in, I have completed some more DLCs for Zombie Army 4, I finished the horde mode DLC pack 8 and 12, and made progress on DLC pack 9.
  8. Skyrim is game that I consistently play at least one a year, I think I am going to set my PS3 up soon, to finish the platinum this year. I love to start a new game, and role play a certain way each time. Other games I replay, are Phantom Brave, and Dark Cloud 2.
  9. They ok'd Clicker Heros, which is only 100%
  10. I have been experiencing the slow loading as well, though only on forums. I use my phone mostly, which is through Verizon. No VPN or anything.
  11. I finished up Zombie Army 4's DLC packs 6 and 7 this weekend, which makes 2 dlcs finished.
  12. I am a huge fan of the Disgaea series, with Disgaea 2 being my favorite one. I generally enjoy RPGs in general and have been enjoying modern FF games.
  13. My first platinum was TES: 5 Skyrim, #2483, which I will admit was the reason I started going hard at Trophy hunting. It's been about 5 years and I now have over 20. Some are quick ones, but I like to mix it up.
  14. I would like to join this, I'll update my post later with a list of planned dlc's. Zombie Army 4: Dead War DLC Trophy Packs 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11.
  15. I would like to join the event, Pink: Orange: If there are any issues with my choices, just let me know, thanks!