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  1. Yes, that's how I usually renew mine
  2. I am excited for this, might have to upgrade to premium, if it is not available otherwise.
  3. I am definitely interested in the game, I hope it's free to play like the first one. I am curious what, If anything is similar to Let It Die.
  4. I just watched the trailer on YouTube, after browsing through the trophy list. The list looks pretty straight forward, getting trophies from advancing levels. Game play wise it's seems to be a fun cat puzzle game. It's published by Rata by the way.
  5. You got a fair sized backlog, as others have said but I think you can do it. After glancing through the list, the Lego games and Fallout 4 seems to be a few I can relate to. For the Lego games, I tend to come back and chip away at them from time to time, typically trying to finish one before starting another one.
  6. I think you'll still need the city of suffering, and prophecy dlcs, if they are not marked as owned. The other trophy packs are story or season related.
  7. I would have a cool name, and a fresh desire to platinum Skyrim.
  8. I'll be honest, I too struggle with platforming games. I am hoping to to see some other folks who can provide some tips.
  9. You could go back and finish The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. If you're struggling in the ps4 version I could give you some tips.
  10. The DLC was also free when I added it to my library on the NA store, yesterday.
  11. I got this on the switch, but I am excited that it finally came to Playstation
  12. Found it on the US store for anyone interested, I was having difficulty with the link provided by Smashero.
  13. I noticed the thread name changed too. On topic, I am definitely interested in hearing more about this.
  14. I know from personal experience that the Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit works, as well as the Guitar Hero 5 guitar.
  15. Thanks for the heads up