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  1. 781 unearned Majority of my games with unearned trophies are all online related games. Games that have only been started to smash the online portion before servers close.
  2. Hoarder injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition
  3. The servers for Injustice: Ultimate Edition EU have not been working for the last week, probably down for good.
  4. I can’t enter a public room, it keeps Saying the servers are down.
  5. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. Going for the MP trophies atm, the grind is real for level 60.
  6. Any update on servers, I get a server is down message every time I go online, but people are still getting MP trophies.
  7. DLC

    Do you need DLC add ons for the trophies for example the “I’m nuclear” trophy do I need the goofzilla mini pet DLC.
  8. Burnout Paradise Remastered Complete a Massive Party
  9. You got some great games on your list, MK vs DC ain’t no easy Platinum.
  10. To get this trophy can I do the DLC star labs do they work towards the 720 total?
  11. There are a total of 15 MP trophies I know for “I’m all that“ requires a total of 4 players to launch a ranked match. What about the other 14 trophies are they possible to do with just 1 other player. Taking in consideration the game is almost 10 years old the online must be empty. any input is appreciated.
  12. DLC

    Does ”The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Complete Trilogy” include all DLC for the second game?
  13. Is that the only online aspect of the game? Is it only ONE coin that needs to be collected online.