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  1. Thank you all for your comments, I will purchase the first 4 games as there are on sale. I will do further research and maybe try Bayonetta first.
  2. Any gamers out there that have played both these series. I have platted all GOW games. How would you compare DMC to GOW platinum difficulty wise? How hard is DMD difficulty?
  3. Is it possible to go for this trophy ONLY without unlocking any other trophies in the game, I don’t want to really start a game and the online packs up.
  4. Is birthday trophy a milestone
  5. The trophy guide is misleading, or they may have patched the trophy. Thank you for your help i will make a session for that trophy.
  6. “Connected” trophy not popping with two controllers can someone who has played this recently confirm. Do I need a live player for that trophie?
  7. Burnout Paradise Elite
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. Is the online available from the get go? Can I do the entire co-op play through with a alt account, or do I need a live player.
  9. How many players needed for the online portion of the game, looking to start this soon. Should I be concerned about any glitched trophies.
  10. Toy Story 3 won’t have any trophies as it’s the PSP version. Good thing I bought the physical from eBay. I was about to buy the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, good thing I didn’t. Alex Kidd DX happy to see. Just Bought Rayman Legends, (refund pending)
  11. Can I go for the online trophies from the get go, or do I have to play the main game first.
  12. When is the date for the last event. I would rather start when new events are available if any.
  13. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Enjoyment 7/10 Difficulty 4/10 Grind 3/10 Completion Time 15/20 Hours.
  14. Marvel Ultimate Alliance Meaning to complete this game for some time. Would give it a 4/10 in platinum difficulty, more of a grind than anything hard.