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  1. I'm giving myself my own achievement trophy for doing this.  😌


    :gold:   Doctor Complete Landscape








  2. Picked these indie RPG titles that were bundled together a couple days ago:
  3. Just a few days left, and I can plop my butt down in this lovely chair and kick back and relax and down coffee and catch up on all this video game goodness!


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    2. NERVergoproxy


      Love the Epipremnum aureums.

      You should cut them and propagate for more.

    3. DoctorComplete


      Awesome to see another plant lover in the forum! There are two more on the bookshelf not in the shot. Plants helped me stay sane during Covid. I'll probably prune and propagate when the big one starts getting rootbound in the pot. 

    4. NERVergoproxy


      I love them, they are so easy to take care of. You prune, and leave them in a glass of water and itll root. They actually dont even need soil, if you go the just water route.

  4. Genshin Impact: Liyue: Legend in Liyue The end of the semester needs to get here, like, yesterday. I bought a new gaming chair. I am ready to get all the mileage out of it I can as I catch up on much neglected gaming over winter break! Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and got some quality gaming time in yourselves. Peace!
  5. Note to self: Been away too long. Ran out of likes to give friends and gaming fam. Come back tomorrow to keep reading updates.

  6. Finally have some game progress to report. It's been too long. I missed you all. 😭 Genshin Impact: Rock-steady Treasure Hunter (III) Liyue: Unmovable Mountain I still have map exploration to do in Liyue. The map completed is approximately 75% in southwest Lisha to a high of 97% in Bishui Plain. I have to ascend the world level to get the last three Liyue Shrine of Depths keys, but I want to wait until I get my talents leveled up for my main party. I'm heeding the advice of my buds who say artifact farming can wait.
  7. Genshin Impact: Journey: A New Star Approaches
  8. I am this close to getting a PS5 just for the Genshin Impact QOL updates.  How crazy am I?!

    1. Whitelightnin683


      Haha, yeah it feels smooth and odd at the same time. I kinda got used to the frame rate dips and general lag on the ps4, not to mention the jet engine noise XD. 

    2. DoctorComplete


      Jet engine noise is the new Overloaded elemental reaction.  😄

    3. Whitelightnin683


      PS5: Cool it!! Freeze reaction xD

  9. Genshin Impact: Onward and Upward (II) Traveler was the first to hit level 70 though, tbh, Lisa is clearly CARRYING this entire roster. Oh joy. Now I need to up Traveler's Geo talents since those levels don't carry over from his Anemo build. Whoops. Guess I'm hitting those domains all this week!
  10. Genshin Impact: Rock-steady Treasure Hunter (II) Just after I worried about progressing too slowly in Genshin, poof, another trophy!
  11. Genshin Impact: Down We Go (I)
  12. I'll have to co-op with you sometime. I just got Benny and have had Sucrose for a minute. I also pulled Rosaria and Yanfei to get that Battle Pass achievement out of the way.
  13. Welcome @COKTOE!
  14. Genshin Impact: Re-armed, Re-forged (I) Rock-steady Treasure Hunter Re-armed, Re-forged (II) Scarlet Sprouts (III) Mondstadt: Megastar in Mondstadt I've moved out of Mondstadt for good! Can't decide where to live in Liyue though? You think the folks at Qingce Village would let me hang out for a while?
  15. Hi friends. Here's my weekly plus update. Hope you're all gaming well too! 😊 Genshin Impact: Explorer: Unswerving ❤️ Marksmanship: Nothing Special, Just Practice 🐦 Liyue: Continental Explorer Mondstadt: Wind-chasing Treasure Hunter (III) Onward and Upward (I) Liyue: Surveyor of Stone