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  1. Whoops. Forgot to post these... Genshin Impact Down We Go (II) Abyss: Abyssal Crusader Oh, and I re-popped all my trophies again when I installed Genshin on my PS5. Just gotta get through floor 12 of the Abyss!
  2. I did a thing today. I didn't expect to find a PS5 in stock at my local Gamestop. They packaged the disc version in a bit of an overpriced bundle. Headphones are nice. The manager on duty was nice enough to let me trade in the bundled game I didn't want, and I used the remaining gift card value to purchase something I wanted and some PlayStation Network cash to boot.

    I also decided to rearrange my gaming and PC space. I'm happy with it.



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    2. IntroPhenom


      Oh man! Sweet find, and lovely set up. I've been holding off on searching for a PS5, but my will is dwindling. I may have to check out my local GS's and see what's up.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Sorry @zizimonster i agree with @Baranov_925 lol, whichever screen fits your needs best is the winner. You say little, i say big. A winner is you! :gold: ^_^

    4. MidnightDragon
  3. Genshin Impact: Exploration: Tales of Monstrous Madness Feel free to hit me up whenever you want if you're on the North America server and need to borrow fishing spots in Inazuma or Enkanomiya. I know gamers were kind enough to let me drop in and pilfer their fish. Volume 5 is completely RNG. The drop rate for the pages isn't ridiculous, but waiting for all the fish to spawn back in your home world is time-consuming enough (3 days, I think). Anyway, cheers to everyone who earns this exceptionally rare trophy. Take care!
  4. Genshin Impact: Illustrious in Inazuma Asdivine Hearts: The Balance of the World
  5. Got this for 70% off on the PSN Store's Mega March sale.
  6. This is my definitive time-sink: Genshin Impact (PS4) And I am working on this when I hit a standstill in Genshin: Asdivine Hearts For more details, check my Backloggery. If you use this service too, let me know so I can add you to my Multitap. Happy gaming!
  7. Hey! Feel free to drop your Backloggery URL as a reply. You'll obviously beat my score on your Multitap, which is totally fine by me. I'm curious to see what games you all are working on. Take care!

    1. Yuna4353



      Always nice to see new friends on backloggery 

    2. DoctorCompletion


      Thanks, @Yuna4353! I added you. Good luck in reducing that backlog!

  8. ...never mind.
  9. Whichever game you're playing today, I hope you're kicking infinite amounts of ass and racking up achievements like none other. You're the shit. 😊

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    2. gamercris066


      Thanks, Already collecting some achievements 👍.

    3. LukeTheGooner


      due to get another plat in the next 20 minutes, Treasure Hunter Simulator :) fun game

    4. Ciri Riannon

      Ciri Riannon

      Oh I am alright. Until I reach 999 plats and execute Crypt of the Necrodancer of course. :)

  10. I think my backlog is full after a birthday shopping spree. 😁
  11. Two lovely ladies joined the fray!
  12. Now that I'm back to gaming on a regular schedule again, I'd like to reconnect with some cool PSNP folks. PSN ID: DoctorComplete Country: USA PS Systems: PS3, PS4 Obviously, friend requests only come in blank. However, my messages are set to Anyone. Feel free to message me first to get that friend request to go through. Here are some other details. I hope you'll find them useful! Age preferred: 21+ Game genre: JRPG, MMO Plays co-op games: Genshin Impact; otherwise, no Responds to posts in What's New section: Yes Sends messages via PSN: Rarely Party chats via headset: Yes (tend to be free in the evenings, Eastern Time) Connect via other sites (e.g., Twitch, Discord): Yes
  13. Trying to build a Tales of game collection:
  14. I had a good week! Genshin Impact: Inazuma: Second Blooming Onward and Upward (III) Re-Armed, Re-Forged (III) Inazuma: Divine Roots Although PSN doesn't show it, I gave myself my own trophy for fully exploring Inazuma. Oh, so I guess I should tell you all that I upgraded Lisa and her The Widsith to rank 6. I have enough Elemental Mastery on her to inflict > 11,000 damage with Overloaded reactions from Bennett. I think I made the right choice (though I'm now trying to find another artifact set for comparison). I have a week left until Spring Break. I can't wait. Take care, everyone!