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    My interests are everywhere really, I enjoy my food, especially Mince & Tatties~
    I am a bit of a gamer, you can check my trophy list to see what games I currently own.
    I also love music, which includes techno, trance, K-pop, J-pop and Vocaloid

    I'm also an anime fan, here's a list of anime I love watching:
    Outlaw Star, CowboyBebop, Tenchi Muyo, Galaxy Angel, Ah my Goddess, Eureka Seven, Ghost in the Shell, and a few more that I can't remember off the top of my head.

    Most of the animes I watch tend to be oldies, but I am an old person at heart xD

    I do however have a passion for anything that relates to Animal Care/Zoology, I just have a habit on looking up different animals each day to better acquaint myself ^^

    Don't be afraid to chat to me, I maybe shy at first but I don't mind talking to new people!

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  1. Fantastic way to start my birthday, recently got a Birthday Platinum on Shinovi Versus and 10 minutes later received Bioshock Infinite from my brother, cannot wait to start playing the game!

    1. mattie_medusa


      Happy Birthday :)

    2. Gordo132
    3. mattie_medusa


      no problem. enjoy your day :D

  2. Well that is a surprise seeing Atelier Totori Plus so early on the PSN Store, I'll be making a swift purchase later on in the week, was needing a few games to kick start my time playing the Vita again
  3. Welcome to PSNProfiles! I hope you enjoy your time & stay here
  4. Well this is good news indeed, my mate was raving on about how good it was and how much he would want it released over seas for the Vita, I can now tell him that's it's coming out in April, another game I'll need to get for the Vita.
  5. Welcome to PSNProfiles, I hope you enjoy your time & stay here
  6. Well I would support it, she does have the personality to fit for a game of her own, if I remember correctly a lot of the Hyperdimension Neptunia fan base actually wanted this to happen since Noire is a fantastic character, but I have no idea if Compile Heart & Idea Factory will support the action. I'm with you both on this one, it's very doubtful it will happen, but stranger things have happened.
  7. Welcome to PsnProfiles! I hope you enjoy your time here
  8. Ah no worries, I'll keep an eye out on your post for more information on the new Nep-Nep game. I actually thought it was from the new game, still a nice picture to use for the "idol" concept.
  9. I don't really buy any new consoles until I see reviews, game release titles or from what people are saying about it if they currently own the console. I only just bought another PS3 due to my Phat PS3 finally giving up on me, so I'll be more than likely staying on my PS3 and playing most of the games that I still need to finish off.
  10. So it sounds like it could be an Idol game but with the cast from Neptunia? I'll probably wait out on this one till there's more information about the game, haven't played any of the Idol Master games so I have no idea what it would be like.
  11. 1. It's was released back in Japan in September 2012, the release date on the link is for the USA for Autumn, which is still ok since Vita games are Region free. 2. It's just like Final Fantasy, every Ys game is different regardless on which one you will play, if you do plan to pick up on this game however it will be very similar to Ys Seven's playstyle, so if you want a bit of practice I would suggest playing Ys Seven, it's still an amazing game even today.
  12. Well it's finally been announced, YS: Memories of Celecta has a release date, It has been one of my most anticipated games on the Vita for release! Xseed really does deserve so much ^^ http://www.siliconer...elease-on-vita/
  13. Actually I'm trying to save up for that game at the moment, if a game has been developed by Studio Ghibli and Level 5 it's a definite must buy!
  14. Hello there! Welcome to PSNProfiles I hope you enjoy your stay on the site.
  15. Hello!, Welcome to PSNProfiles Hope you enjoy your stay on the site!